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People Whose Bosses Are IRL Michael Scotts Are Sharing Their Wildest Stories, And These Could Literally Be Episodes Of “The Office”

"He tried to 'learn Spanish' for when she returned from maternity leave, but after he learned she was actually from Portugal."

Everyone loves watching The Office for the sheer ridiculousness of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton employees. But sometimes you've gotta wonder, do bosses like Michael Scott really exist?

Well, redditor u/Supersmaaashley wanted to know, so they asked the internet, "Do bosses like Michael Scott actually exist? And if you work/ed for one, what's your craziest story?"

And apparently, they do! Here are 17 of the wildest stories from people who have worked for bosses like Michael Scott:

1. "I worked with a genuine Michael Scott (i.e., a nice, well-meaning person who just did some absurd things). Once, he couldn’t remember the nationality of our Hispanic colleague. He tried to 'learn Spanish' to make her feel special when she returned from maternity leave, but after he learned she was 1) NOT Spanish and 2) actually from Portugal. She knew, like, five words of Spanish."

2. "I used Michael Scott as a reference point for an old boss of mine. He made Chewbacca noises on the regular because one of my coworkers’ names sort of vaguely sounded like Chewbacca (it didn’t); used voice-to-text extremely loudly in his office to send really personal messages; shouted the same seven references to old movies and extremely awkward hip-hop song lyrics multiple times a day; and insisted on greeting all our international coworkers very loudly in their native language (they all speak perfect English), looking around for approval afterward. He also told me a lot about an improv show he did for a full year after it happened."

3. "I had a boss like Michael Scott. One time, he was considering selling the company to a Japanese company. While walking them around the building, he was heard saying, 'We really bombed the hell out of you, huh?' Another time, he got new patio furniture and sent the guys from the shipping department to put it together at his house. Orders did not go out that day."

4. "He wanted a pomegranate for lunch, and they were out of season — but that didn’t stop him from sending me on a quest to every grocery store in town in search of a pomegranate. Multiple produce guys laughed at me, but it was the easiest money I made."

5. "He held a meeting with our whole team minus one person to discuss said person being gay. We all knew for well over a year, and we never made a deal of it."

6. "I worked for a woman as her personal assistant. She had me order a mannequin online (and kept trying to get me to order from 'adult doll' websites because she didn’t get it). Then, she paid me to take one of the mannequin legs to Nordstrom to find a suitcase that would fit the mannequin. Why? Because she wanted to fly with the mannequin to Pittsburgh to display it 'as her daughter,' dressed in her daughter’s clothes, at said daughter’s graduation celebration."

7. "I had a boss once who spent all morning locked in his office. He asked me to come in after lunch, where he showed me a handmade graph. He then explained that it was a chart of all the sex he had ever had in his life. 'See, here it's blank until I joined the Army. Then, I went to a hooker here. Then, they sent me to Vietnam, where hookers only charged $2 per time — that's where you see the big jump. I was on two tours but then got shot in the face. I came back home, and you see how it just drops to almost nothing.'"

8. "I literally had a boss who would stop us in the middle of our work and hold company-wide meetings talking about 9/11 conspiracies and chemtrails. Mind you, we were a furniture-making company. He would get so caught up in his conspiracy theories that, one month, he forgot to order the wood to make furniture."

9. "I had a boss who used to watch me through a gap in the glass partition between our desks. She wanted to see if I was paying attention during meetings. One day, I put a large folder to cover the gap, and she freaked out."

10. "My dad told me about his boss who once gave out awards to everyone in honor of how long they'd worked there. For each person, he gave a speech. When one woman received her award, he spoke about how she came to work there and said, 'At first, I didn't want to hire her because she was so hot.'"

11. "My boss used to carry around a backpack full of hammers. If you fell asleep at your desk, he would start banging a hammer on your desk until you woke up. Then, he would autograph the hammer and give it to you as a gift."

12. "My boss is certainly Michael Scott-esque. During my hiring interview, he tried to tell me about the four pillars of the company but forgot one. He told me later it was knowledge. My favorite story was when we were prepping for a conference. On a group call, he kept talking about a 'golden hamster ball' to do giveaways with (English was not his first language, so he always mangled his phrases), while everyone on the call just sat in confused silence. By that point, I had become good at decoding what he meant and knew he was referring to a raffle cage."

13. "My boss once heard me use the phrase, 'economy of scale,' then used it wrong five minutes later in a conversation with different people."

14. "Long ago, my 80-year-old boss pulled me into his office. 'Paul,' he said, 'I've noticed that your shirts come untucked and that looks unprofessional.' I apologized, and he said, 'I want you to start tucking your shirts into your underwear. Go ahead and try it now.' So I told him, 'Joel, you know I have 15 women who report to me. I can't undo my pants in the office.' His response? 'Sure you can,' right before he dropped his pants and revealed his Spiderman underoos."

15. "At my wedding reception, he told me I was spending too much time talking to one person, and that I needed to work the room more."

16. "I had a redheaded boss who made us all sit down and watch a training video about how we shouldn’t refer to him as a 'ginger' because it is bullying."

17. "When I was 21, my first boss in America was like Michael Scott. There are so many stories I could tell. He'd call our coworker a baby lion because she was tiny with unruly hair. He'd even do a small roar whenever she was about to report for her shift or when I mentioned her name. He once threw a cricket at me from the very opposite end of the office floor. He and another coworker kept such straight faces that I finally convinced myself the cricket flung itself at me. I watched the cameras at the end of the day, only to see them do it. I’m still traumatized. Another time, he fell into a poison ivy bush and didn’t know it. He ran around screaming until we sat him in his office, semi-undressed, and put medicine on his wounds. He was so miserable for days."

18. "Once, for someone’s birthday, my boss decided it would be fun to buy an anatomically correct, male blowup doll. She brought the doll into the office, blew him up, and dressed him in a construction vest (the company was a contractor). When I walked by, she was trying to manipulate the position of the blowup dick and asked if I wanted to be the 'fluffer.'"

19. "My boss once hired a private investigator to follow his 'Number 2' around because he thought Number 2 was having sex with his wife. Then, he thought I was having sex with his wife and had Number 2 follow me. My boss finally ended up confronting me when he found out I'd hugged his wife."

20. "My boss called an all-staff meeting to announce his divorce. He then instructed our receptionist to lie to his soon-to-be ex-wife and deny he was in the office at all times. When he was finally terminated, he kept the corporate laptop and cell phone. After receiving several strongly worded letters, he drove back to the office, parked on the edge of the road, and made his teenage son carry them across the yard and parking lot to deliver them."

21. "We had an anonymous feedback program at work, and our boss was livid with the results — particularly with several comments that he frequently lost his temper in meetings and would yell at us. The more he talked about how incorrect and unfair and hurtful these comments were, the redder and angrier he got until he finally pounded the table and shouted, 'I DO NOT! SCREAM! IN MEETINGS! OKAY!?'"

Couldn't you see these happening in an episode of The Office? Let us know in the comments below — and definitely let us know if you've also worked for an IRL Michael Scott!