Jeff Goldblum Just Tried Pocky For The First Time Ever And Called It "Almost Religious Ecstasy"

    His reaction is wildly on brand for him.

    We all know and love Jeff Goldblum, and I'd like to think we all know and love Pocky too. Except, as it turns out, Jeff Goldblum didn't know (or love) Pocky — until this week.

    Jeff Goldblum smiles at a red carpet event

    While building gingerbread houses on a Twitch livestream with Rolling Stone, Jeff noticed some Pocky on the table as part of his decorating options, asking, "What the heck are these?"

    Jeff leaning over the table

    "Pocky. You've never had Pocky before?" Rolling Stone host John Weigel answered, before describing it to Jeff.

    If you've also never heard of Pocky (sacrilege), it's a thin Japanese biscuit dipped in cream. While the traditional cream is chocolate-flavored, there's an endless variety of flavors to try, like strawberry, matcha, almond crush, and more.

    The packaging for chocolate cream Pocky on the left and assorted flavors on the right

    John then encouraged Jeff to try some (there's both matcha-flavored and strawberry-flavored Pocky on the table). So, he snagged a matcha-flavored Pocky stick, tried it, and...

    ...immediately jolted forward in what I can only describe as delight, adding, "I love it. Wow!"

    He then tried a strawberry-flavored Pocky stick and described his first experience with Pocky as "spectacular" and "almost religious ecstasy," complete with classic Jeff Goldblum expressions and mannerisms.

    Makes a pretty good slogan, don't you think? Well, Pocky USA does. In fact, they updated their Instagram bio to read, "'Almost religious ecstasy' - Jeff Goldblum."

    Pocky USA also responded to the clip of the video shared by Rolling Stone on Twitter, adding that they'd share Pocky with Goldblum any time.

    @RollingStone And he’s not wrong at all 🤝😍We’ll share Pocky with you anytime Jeff!

    Twitter: @PockyUSA

    Beyond the dumpster fire that is currently Twitter, Rolling Stone posted a clip on TikTok, where it racked up 2.4M views (and more than 300K likes) in less than two days.

    Comments ranged from general Jeff Goldblum thirst to outrage over anyone not knowing about Pocky.

    Other comments focused on the countless Pocky flavors out there.

    So, there you have it, folks. Jeff Goldblum approves. Pocky — almost religious ecstasy.

    Find the full clip of Jeff Goldblum experiencing Pocky for the first time here. Watch him build a gingerbread house on Twitch with Rolling Stone here, and watch him talk about his new holiday song here.