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    People Are Sharing Their “I’m Turning Into My Parents” Moment, And OMG They're Way More Relatable Than I'd Like

    "My wife asked why I hadn't cleaned the dead bugs out of the shower, and I opened my mouth and heard my dad say, 'They go with the decor.'"

    As a kid, you watch the adults in your life and question why they do certain things. Then, you become the adult and catch yourself one day doing — well — the same damn thing.

    So recently, Redditor u/Connect-Slide4504 decided to ask, "What’s the most 'I’m turning into my parents' moment for you?" And here are some of the best responses that might give ya a moment of your own...

    1. "I started falling asleep during movies. I used to get so mad at my mom for doing that, now I have a job and I understand why."


    2. "When I was cleaning the kitchen and didn't want anyone else to help because I felt like it wouldn't be done right."


    3. "There is a shower in my basement that no one ever uses. There are a couple of dead bugs in it that I've never bothered to clean up. When our niece came to stay with us, she planned to stay in the basement. My wife asked why I hadn't cleaned the bugs out of the shower, I opened my mouth and heard my dad say, 'They go with the decor.'"


    4. "Yelled at my kid and at the same time saw myself out the corner of my eye in the mirror. I was yelling something my dad used to yell at me, and I look a lot like him."

    "I hated it when I was a kid, and immediately apologized to my kid." —u/mission101999

    5. "The first time 'get off of my lawn' popped in my head."


    6. "I rearrange the plates in the dishwasher if my boyfriend put them 'wrong' so I can do full loads and use up all the space."


    7. "Getting annoyed when my roommate was throwing Tupperware lids and containers into the cupboard without ANY organization."


    8. "When I had a cabinet full of plastic grocery bags."


    9. "When I went through my house the other day, yelling to my two young kids, 'When you leave a room, turn the LIGHTS OFF! This costs money!'"

    "I've officially become my dad." —u/TheGoodJudgeHolden

    10. "When my father had to go to work and my mother was free, she still woke up with him and prepared him lunch. I never understood why, since she could sleep for a couple more hours, and he was perfectly capable of making his own lunch."

    "Well, a couple of years later, my boyfriend just started his first job while I have a few weeks off between clinical rotations, and here I am waking up with him and preparing his lunch." —u/_Almost_A_Doctor_

    11. "Going grocery shopping or folding laundry on a Friday or Saturday night. Thinking 8 p.m. is too late to leave the house to do anything."

    "In my defense, it IS a pandemic, so not much to do otherwise. It's also winter, and I'm pregnant. So maybe I'll be cool again someday." —u/lindzer1285

    12. "Getting to the airport three hours before my flight leaves."


    13. "Last night, when I got worried because my fiancé was five minutes late coming home from the gym, and I caught myself saying 'I can’t help it, I worry about you.'"

    "Bam, I have become my mother." —u/Dimeadozen21

    14. "When I started watching movies and making sure everyone knew what each actor had acted in before and who their parents were (if they were famous as well)."


    15. "When I get takeout, sometimes I think, 'This is a nice container, I’m gonna keep this and add it to my Tupperware.'"


    16. "Every time I get angry. My mom is the type that always explodes when she's angry — everything and everyone near her will burn because of her wrath. It happened multiple times to me, and when it did, my brain went, 'Shit, dude, we're just like her! Stop!'"

    "I hate it." —u/SpeakerLimp

    17. "Small talk about the weather and the ability to gain weight by looking at pizza."


    18. "My son is constantly going outside or coming inside, and he NEVER closes the sliding glass door. Hence, either heat or AC is being wasted for most months out of the year. I caught myself telling him, 'In or out! Pick one — oh crap, now I understand my mom's frustration.'"

    "About 20 years before my amazing kid — when I was a kid — I was constantly going outside and coming back inside. It annoyed my mom to no end. She used to say, 'In or out! Pick one!'" —u/Verticalparachute

    19. "Calling my kids by the wrong name."


    20. "'I was just resting my eyes.'"


    21. "When I got really excited about buying a decent vacuum cleaner."


    22. "My wife and I stopped to pick up some coffee in the morning before visiting my parents. I took a sip then went on a rant about how everywhere serves coffee too hot, it's undrinkable, and I hate it. Later, my dad started complaining about how he hates Starbucks because they serve their coffee too hot and he can't drink it."

    "My wife busted out laughing." —u/DrZoidberg26

    23. "When my toddler was trying to work a puzzle, and I said, 'Why can’t you just figure this out?!' I immediately regretted it and just picked her up to hug her."

    "We were conveniently sitting in front of my bedroom mirror, and I just saw my dad staring back at me. I haven’t said anything like that since." —u/tinymom7674

    24. "Yelling at the news. I remember constantly asking my dad if he realized the people on TV couldn’t hear him."

    "Sometimes you just have to yell, though." —u/puppylv777

    25. "I bought a set of 'nice' silverware. It's not extremely fancy but like a $60 set. Well, my daughter dropped a fork in the trash can and said, 'I’m not digging through the trash to find it.' I was like bet your ass you are!"

    "I was so pissed. I just told my sister I was turning into our mom the other day." —u/tlr92

    26. "Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and drink milk."

    "My 75-year-old mom does that." —u/Chickiepie

    27. "I was driving my dog somewhere, and he climbed in the back seat and acted up. I turned around and heard myself say, completely unironically, 'If I have to pull this car over, buddy, are you gonna be sorry.'"

    "I was 29 and remember the exact moment." —u/feliciates

    28. "I kept logging onto Facebook, catching my profile picture and thinking, 'How is my deceased mother posting new pictures on Facebook?'"

    "She wasn't. It was me. It's me every time. I look just like her." —u/fireflygalaxies

    29. "I no longer tolerate clutter. This week, I sorted out the spice cabinet to the degree that I ended up trashing about 50 vials of expired herbs, spices, and sauces."

    "Normally, I HATE doing anything resembling housework but, Lordy, it was immensely satisfying to see everything neat, tidy, and easily accessible. I've started a system to store all important documents, I'm about to tackle the hoard of books, and I might even clear out the medicine cabinet. I also spotted a box of microwave cleaner on sale, and my first thought was, 'Oh, that'll be handy.'" —u/GothTheLife88

    30. "My wife and I planned an all-nighter playing video games. My eyelids were drooping, and I was unable to stay awake."

    "I looked at the clock... it was 10:30 p.m." —u/Turbobrickx

    31. "I ran over a nail and got a slow leak in my tire. I didn't realize until later when I had to give my brother a ride. We got in the car, and the tire light came on. I went to pump it back up, but it was completely flat. I told him, 'I have a flat tire,' and he just said without thinking, 'Well, you shouldn't drive on it if it's flat.'"

    "It's just the kind of obvious and useless advice our father would have given. We both realized it right away and laughed about it. I still tease him about it sometimes." —u/Sw6roj

    Were any of these a bit too relatable for ya? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us about your own moment of realization that you were turning into your parent!