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What Anti-Anxiety Tips Do You Swear By That Help You Calm Down?

*Breathes in for four seconds*

Sometimes — or a lot of times, especially now! — it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel anxiety creep into your head.

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And even if you recognize that you're just feeling anxious, it can be hard to calm down and refocus.

When things like stress and frustration set in, know that there are ways to deal with both. Sometimes certain calming techniques or habits can help to recenter your mind.

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If that's the case, what's your go-to calming tip or technique that helps you when you're feeling anxious?

Do you ground yourself by focusing on your physical surroundings?

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Taking note of the color of the walls, what time it is, and the like?

Or do you try square breathing — where you inhale to a slow count of four, hold your breath for four, exhale for four, then pause for four before beginning again?

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Also called box breathing or 4x4 breathing.

Or do you take a step back and begin journaling, whether in a notebook or in a lil' app on your phone?

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Writing out your thoughts can really help streamline and accept them, instead of trying to suppress and ignore them.

Whatever hack you swear by, please share below! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!