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    29 Home Goods From Anthropologie That Reviewers Totally Adore

    Simple but beautiful items that'll make ya smile

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A fan-fave Capri blue iridescent jar candle that will get you addicted to its fresh, tropical, and fruity scent. Plus, the jar will look great on your table.

    2. A charming tile-print monogram mug for your morning coffee or tea. They're inspired by French bistro tile work, and they'll bring you joy every time you take a sip!

    3. This colorful and sustainable set of six nifty napkins to replace all those plain, boring paper napkins stacked in your kitchen. They're thick and soft, and they wash well.

    4. These fun and pretty pom tassel curtains to brighten any room and add a touch of sophistication.

    5. An eclectic but insanely beautiful agate cheese board that you definitely don't have to limit to cheese! Use it for your perfumes or makeup or knick knacks. Basically, anything you set on this board will look like classy decor.

    6. This cute and sculpted ceramic face pot with arms for your plant babies! And, you can get a couple of her sisters, if ya want, for a wholesome plant fam.

    7. This lovely and serene shower curtain to take your shower to the next level. It'll give your bathroom some character and style, and bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it!

    8. Or, this unique and pretty Risa shower curtain that will catch your eye even if you're just walking by your bathroom! It'll transform your space and make it pop.

    9. An absorbent set of four baker stripe dish towels because so they're so soft and vibrant, and they go with any kitchen theme!

    10. An antique-looking pressed glass photo frame that's minimalist and perfect to hold any photo, certificate, menu, invitation — you name it. They're timeless and the frame goes with any type of picture.

    11. This classic and elegant Grecian bust pot to make your plant look like it's straight out of an ancient agora.

    12. An ornate gilded garden trinket dish for your all your favorite jewelry. You gotta make them feel beautiful and dainty, too. (But seriously, super useful for not losing your ring for the thousandth time.)

    13. This endearing cake stand that will make any dessert look 10x better. It's a great way to show off all your baking skills and pretty enough to sit out by itself.

    14. An artful floral bouquet diffuser to look pleasant and smell divine. It's the perfect lil' centerpiece for you table (or end table), but, frankly, it'll look great anywhere.

    15. This captivating and striking honeycomb vase that's sure to get a lot of compliments and elevate any space you set it in! It's so stylish, you don't even need to put anything in it.

    16. A chic, simple, and shock-resistant silicone AirPods case so you never lose your AirPods or the case again. It comes with this carabiner clip so you can make sure it's always know where it is. Plus, you can get different colors so you can finally tell yours apart from others.

    17. These playful and lively curtains to dress up your windows. They'll accent your wall and add just a bit of a flair to your room!

    18. A soft and vibrant faux fur pillow so you can add some style to your furniture. You'll love cozying up with these as you binge-watch Netflix.

    19. A chic "Salle De Bain" or "Bonne Nuit" plaque to brighten up your home and give it a subtle but striking detail.

    20. This exquisite and unique old Havana platter that will beautifully display your food. And it's not too fancy that you can't use it for a casual dinner, either!

    21. A detailed and beautiful soap dish from the Bistro Tile collection to spruce up your bathroom sink and greet ya every time you reach for the soap. It's neutral enough to compliment most colors and styles, too, if ya don't want the whole set.

    22. A handcrafted, brass-plated hanging jewelry organizer made of pinewood so you can hang all of your jewelry and make it easier to pick which pieces you want to wear.

    23. This quirky and whimsical Rifle Paper Co. penne posies journal trio so you can take notes, journal, or doodle and let it out on paper. They're thin and flexible which makes them easy to carry around, so you won't have to rely on your Notes app again!

    24. A cityscape frame that's especially perfect for remembering specific trips and memories. You can choose a New York, London, or Paris frame, and each has iconic details reflecting each location!

    25. This sophisticated and plush Jules bath mat to comfort your feet when you get out of the shower or are standing at your sink. Plus, it's so nice to look at.

    26. A classy set of two servers so you can serve your dishes (like a real adult) in style and can stop using those plastic tongs.

    27. A cute, spunky, hand-painted garden pot (for wider or bigger plants) so you and your plants can bloom together.

    28. These chic glass vases that will add an artsy and modern touch to your decor.

    29. A cute, handcrafted iris rainbow pot to hold plants, office supplies, or knickknacks in style and spark some joy every time you look at it.

    Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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