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    People Are Coming Up With Hilariously Honest Slogans For Brands We All Know, And I'm Laughing Through Tears

    "Benadryl: Have allergies? Just sleep it off!"

    Inspired by Redditor u/NotANameReally's question about what brand would have what slogan if brands were brutally honest, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to come up with their own ~very true~ slogans for brands we all know and love.

    Network 10 / Shine Australia / Warner Bros. International Television Production / Via

    And they definitely brought it! Here are some of their best answers:

    1. "Kraft Mac & Cheese: This tab will not open the box."

    A box of Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese on a table
    Lauripatterson / Getty Images

    2. "Pixar: Bring on the waterworks."

    A presentation showing the title 'Pixar' with vertical banners of different Pixar movies, including Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and the Incredibles
    Gabe Ginsberg / WireImage

    3. "Target: Don’t wear red unless you work here."

    A Target storefront
    Smith Collection / Getty Images

    4. "Netflix: Pay us $12 to spend an hour picking what to watch, before giving up and falling asleep."

    A smartphone with the Netflix screen loading in front of the Netflix movie selection screen
    Chesnot / Getty Images

    5. "Benadryl: Have allergies? Just sleep it off!"

    A Benadryl liquid gel pack
    Jfmdesign / Getty Images

    6. "Four Loko: We forgot the slogan 'cause we blacked out."

    Three rows of Four Loko in a store fridge
    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    7. "Lay's: Who said you can't charge for air?"

    A shelf of Lay's chips in a store
    Sopa Images / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

    8. "Spotify: Pay us $5 a month or we’ll have someone whisper about the McDonald’s crispy chicken sandwich in your ear every 30 seconds."

    A person scrolling through their Daily Mix playlist on Spotify
    Hocus-focus / Getty Images

    "And sometimes we'll do it in Spanish." —hotcheetolady

    9. "Denny’s: We’re either your 4 a.m. drunk meal or your Sunday brunch with the grandparents."

    A Denny's restaurant front
    Skyhobo / Getty Images

    10. "Bed Bath & Beyond: Stand in line while the person in front of you makes 12 transactions because our coupons never expire."

    A Bed Bath & Beyond storefront
    Jeff Greenberg / Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images

    11. "Mentos: You weren't actually going to drink that whole bottle of soda, right?"

    A woman holds a bin of Mentos
    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    12. "Magnum condoms: You can’t afford that sports car yet, so just keep our box visible on your dresser."

    A bowl full of Magnum condoms
    Alexander Tamargo

    13. "Lush: Here’s the story of how I uprooted my life through the transformation of Lush beauty products. Take a sample!"

    A Lush Cosmetics storefront
    Sopa Images / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

    14. "TikTok: Vine, but make it WOKE."

    The TikTok app opening on a smartphone
    Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    15. "EA: Spend thousands of dollars for a single game."

    A screen showing the EA logo at a convention
    Afp / Getty Images

    16. "Activia: Have you almost shit yourself today?"

    Shelves full of Activia in a grocery store
    Jeff Greenberg / Universal Images Group via Getty


    17. "Delta: We will definitely strand you in Memphis."

    A Delta airlines plane on a runway
    David Mcnew / Getty Images


    18. "SiriusXM: Hope you like us because we're kinda impossible to cancel."

    The SiriusXM headquarters
    Aaronp / GC Images

    19. "Taco Bell: Guaranteed to unconstipate you."

    A Taco Bell storefront
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    20. "McDonald’s: The only place with a broken ice cream machine 24/7."

    A McDonald's sign
    Naomi Baker / Getty Images

    21. "Pinterest: Because you don't know how to use Tumblr."

    The Pinterest mobile log-in page on a smartphone
    5. / Getty Images

    22. "HughesNet: We'll send 4,763 marketing letters to your address, but we don't actually offer internet service at your address."

    The HughesNet logo on a smartphone
    Sopa Images / Getty Images

    23. "Allegiant: Your flight is scheduled to land at 5 p.m., which to us means midnight."

    An Allegiant Airlines plane taking off from an airport
    Davealan / Getty Images

    24. "KFC: You’re just here for the skin."

    A KFC storefront
    Naomi Baker / Getty Images

    25. "BuzzFeed: Because Reddit's interface is too confusing."

    Buzzfeed dot com

    Do you relate to these? Or can you come up with something better? Let us know in the comments below!