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People Are Sharing The Time Their Friend Accidentally Turned Them On (And I Have Questions)

But are these *really* accidents?

We all have turn-ons and turnoffs, right? Right. I mean, we're all adults here!

Recently, Redditor u/titan_slayer05 decided to ask, "What did your friend do that accidentally turned you on?" And here are some of the top responses:

1. "I was cracking jokes with a coworker, and when she laughed at something I said, she pushed at my chest in that 'Oh, stop it you!' kinda way."

"Whoooooo boy, I damn near melted right then and there."


2. "He was driving, and I was riding shotgun. He had to reverse to parallel park and turned his torso toward me, putting his arm around my seat in order to look back."

"He did that so confidently and effortlessly that it made me feel a little funny."


3. "At the school dance, a friend whom I had a crush on came over and sat on my lap, despite there being plenty of free chairs next to me, and just casually had a conversation."


4. "As a guy, I decided to fall asleep on the lap of a close friend, who then proceeded to stroke my hair and lightly pull it."

"It was really hard to fall asleep cause I was more worried that I'd get a boner from that."


5. "A close friend from uni pulled my ponytail firmly enough to get my attention because I didn't hear him call me. Had to catch my breath after that."

"We're married now."


6. "He alternated between languages while talking on the phone with his mother and then asked me to pass him his wallet."

"I knew people could switch it on and off like that, but I’ve never seen the flow quite as effortlessly."


7. "A group of us went to a firework display, and during the usual louder-and-bigger finale fireworks, she jumped, grabbed my arm tight, and didn’t let go."

"Not sure what happened inside me, but yeah, that did it."


8. "I always went by an abbreviation of my name, El, and he was the only person to always use my full name, Eloise. Dunno why, but it always made me weak."


9. "Whisper in my ear! Instant boner."


10. "A colleague friend took care of my wounded knee during work. We were alone in the canteen, and he was very sweet and caring."

"Guess I’m not used to that."


11. "We were sitting on a sofa, and I was telling him a story. Then, he slowly started to roll up his sleeves, while he was watching me, like, dead in the eyes and listening carefully."

"Thank God I was sitting."


12. "This one girl started tickling me. When I started tickling her back, she started to moan and said she was sensitive there."

"Awkward drive home."


13. "Ruffled my hair. It wasn't that big a deal, but she was one of my close friends and that just... wow."


14. "He jumped up, grabbed a fire escape ladder, pulled himself up, and climbed all the way to the top. Just, oh dear..."


15. "One day at home, we were drinking with some friends, and she started singing. At that moment, I looked at her and didn't just see my friend. I saw a very attractive person."

"I sometimes still see that moment when I look at her and shake the thought away."


16. "Ran her nails along the skin on the inside of my forearm."


17. "I was making coffee in my AeroPress for us and pressing slowly on the top of it, like you're supposed to, when she shouldered me over a little and leaned on my hand to push it down faster."

"It was cute as fuck, and I'll never forget it."


18. "Surprise backward hug that turned into a full-on embrace. Heart fluttered like crazy."


19. "We were sitting on her couch watching Thor: Ragnarok, and she went to get a pint of Ben & Jerry's out of her freezer. She then sat sideways, half on my lap, and took turns taking a bite and feeding me a bite. It was oddly intimate. But, she'd made it clear she was convinced if we started to date we'd end up married, and she wasn't sure she was ready for that."

"Six months later we were dating; six months after that we were married. And coming up on our two-year anniversary!"


20. "We were rock climbing, and the rope was too tight, so he helped me untie it. He got close enough for me to catch his smell, and he ACTUALLY SMELLED SO GOOD."

"Instant turn-on."


21. "I remember a girl classmate liking the smell of my deodorant and just grabbing on to my arm, then proceeding to walk beside me."


22. "He was walking and folding his sleeves at the same time, and I was looking at him because it was such a simple thing, but DAMN I couldn't work the entire day."

"I had to call a friend to calm down. Lol."


23. "In my freshman year of high school, I had a friend lick my face as a joke. Because she was one of those girls who thought they were quirky or different for acting like a weirdo or something. It was definitely strange as hell, but Jesus Christ, did she awaken something in me."

"I wasn't even particularly attracted to her, I was just licked and I felt the arousal creeping in."


24. "I was sitting shotgun, and he was messing with me in the chair behind me — stuff like grabbing my shoulders, pinning me to the seat by shortening the seatbelt, and stroking my hair. I was beet red but I didn’t tell him to stop."

"We’re dating now. (: He’s the sweetest person I’ve ever dated. I feel really lucky."


25. "One day in high school, when we were in the library studying, I noticed that she wore a different perfume. When I asked about it, she came very close to me and made me sniff her neck. I never knew that I could get a boner so fast."

"After that, things went further and eventually we got married years later lol."


26. "I had a really good friend who was a girl throughout high school. Never thought she was particularly attractive but, as part of a joke, she did this satirical lip bite and wink and well..."

"Let’s just say that I still remember it vividly."


27. "Male friend of mine was responding to a question another friend asked and my eyes met with his. He gave me a quick wink, which was never a thing he did, and it caught me so off guard."

"I later caught myself giggling and swooning at the move, and I'm a straight guy."


28. "A girl I became friends with on a school trip in high school fell asleep on my shoulders on the ride back."

"I'm 28 and I'm still coasting on that memory."


29. "A few years ago, my friend and I were goofing around, making flower crowns on a grassy knoll. She decided to roll down said knoll, and as she did, her shirt rode up. I could see the sun reflecting off that little line of hair that goes down from the belly button."

"I swear time stopped, and all of my blood vessels woke up at once. The sun was shining brighter, the flowers smelled sweeter. It was as if I briefly stepped into a more perfect pocket dimension. It was then I knew I definitely was not straight."


When was the last time a friend accidentally turned you on? Share in the comments. 😏