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    16 Houseplants That Are Easy To Care So You Can Bring The Outdoors In

    Green thumb not required.

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    Alright, you wanna bring the outdoors in and are ready to be a plant parent β€” but maybe you're hesitant to buy a plant online. We've all been there. Well, all the pics on the left are from the seller, and the ones on the right are from a happy buyer. So you can compare them and trust what you're getting. Now onto the plants!

    BBC Natural History Unit / Turner Broadcasting / Via

    1. A Chinese evergreen because they're super resilient and don't need a bunch of sun β€” esp great for rooms that don't get a lot of light.

    Theplantchica, Kelly

    Promising Review: "Beautiful plant β€” super healthy and much bigger foliage than I expected. Arrived looking fabulous right out of the box!" β€”M. J. Fiori

    Get it from Theplantchica on Etsy for $20.99.

    2. The hangable golden pothos that will happily tolerate low light, zealously grow with medium to bright light, and only need to be watered about once a week.


    Promising Review: "I've been purchasing from different companies in search of the best product and value. 36Vine WINS HANDS DOWN!!!! Free and FAST delivery, plant was protectively packed perfectly and the plant looked like the picture advertised!!!! Ordering another now- VERY HAPPY!!!!" β€”Kalea O.

    Get it from 36vine for $36.

    3. An incredibly forgiving ZZ plant so you can look like a plant pro without trying. It can be over- or under-potted, survive without a lot of humidity, and does well it in most any lighting β€” beginner-friendly, if ya ask me!


    Promising Review: "OMG, I received a lovely plant β€” healthy-looking and well-contained in its packaging material. I'm so happy! This plant is so beautiful that I may have to get more at a later date. It's very cool here for the South, but this plant arrived in wonderful shape, and it's large! I am not at all disappointed and happy to continue doing business with a terrific shop like this!" β€”ChynaWinter

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

    4. This snake plant that will thrive without much moisture, so don't worry if you forget to water it. And, when you do go to water it, make sure the soil is completely dry.


    Promising Review: "I was very hesitant to try ordering a plant online, but I'm glad I did! American Plant Exchange did a fantastic job of packaging the snake plant. When it arrived, I was delighted to discover how tall and healthy it was. It's even larger than I had expected. It was actually starting to break out of the little pot it was growing in (a root was poking through), so I made sure to pot it up a size." β€”Pip Cawley

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    5. A spider plant for a pet-friendly and nonpicky plant! While they prefer bright light, they're fine in some partial shade, too. Then, just water it regularly β€” so long as it doesn't get soggy. All in all, it's pretty adaptable!


    Promising Review: "I received my little spider plant in excellent condition. The packaging was very good and delivery was remarkably fast, considering the plant came from California to Minnesota. The plant arrived in a four-inch pot centered in more than enough soft soil β€” just perfect. The spider plant itself was small, of course, but lush and full and ready to be transplanted. I sometimes hesitate to purchase live plants online, but this experience was just wonderful." β€”Dr. Ellie

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    6. The classic aloe plant so you can get some cute greenery. Aloe plants are known for their potential medicinal benefits and β€” though they need some care β€” they're pretty basic houseplants. Keep them near a window for direct sunlight, and make sure the soil fully drains before re-watering.

    CTSairplants, Jennifer Huang

    If you're curious and wondering, "Hmm, what medicinal benefits?" it's true that while it's not like, a cure-all or an answer for everything it's purported to do, it has some benefits when applied to your skin, like helping relieve sunburns or for other skincare uses, because it's packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Check out this piece for more!

    Promising Review: "My aloe plant is getting so big! It arrived in perfect condition. Super happy with this!" β€”Trisha

    Get it from CTSairplants on Etsy for $10.95.

    7. An air-purifying and very communicative philodendron that will let you know what it needs. Too much light? Its leaves will turn yellow (so avoid direct sunlight). Too much or little water? Its leaves will droop. But don't stress! It's a great way to learn how to listen to and care for plants!


    Promising Review: "I got this on a whim because my plant died and I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It was packaged extremely well! It was moist and flourishing. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it continues to grow. I will definitely buy more plants from these guys!" β€”Tena A. Martinez

    Get it from Amazon for $11.

    8. A lucky 20-stalk bamboo plant for minimal maintenance. First, place it in bright, indirect light, and then change the water every few months (or when it's discolored). Yep, that's it!


    Promising Review: "Very nice, fresh bamboo. Bamboo is one of those plants that gets better the more you have. And with this order, you get 20 stalks of bamboo. I didn't think I needed 20 stalks of bamboo, but here I am now β€” jars of bamboo everywhere, giving bamboo as gifts, putting bamboo in fish tanks. I'm a better person right now than I've ever been. My life has never been more complete than it is in this moment, and all it took was 20 stalks of bamboo." β€”Ethan

    Get it from Amazon for $13.50.

    9. This stunning, stubborn, and summery peace lily because it enjoys humidity and indirect sunlight. Tbh, even if you do manage to kill some flowers, the plant will survive and just might sprout some more!


    Promising Review: "Holy guacamole! This plant is GORGEOUS!! Fifteen blooms right now. Fifteen!! I know that growers usually give plant hormones to young peace lilies before selling so that they look gorgeous in the store β€” and maybe they did here, but, either way, this is a mature beautiful plant. The flowers are the biggest I’ve seen. The leaves are also massive, and it’s so full and just stunning. I was so nervous, but I couldn’t be happier with this purchase." β€”Kristen L

    Get it from Amazon for $38.99.

    10. This set of five air plants for the plant aesthetic without the dirt. But seriously, these still need some bright (indirect) light and watering. Some people soak them, others mist them!


    Psst, interested in a hanging glass terrarium for that perfect air plant vibe? Well, ya can get five on Amazon for $13.99.

    Promising Review: "LOVE THESE! Great purchase. These air plants arrived healthy and with no damage. Each one was a different variety β€” from 1 inch to 4 inches. I also received a care guide, which I appreciated because this was my first purchase of air plants." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $13.95 (also available in a set of 12).

    11. The easy-going split-leaf monstera because it's really leafy and decorative. It appreciates some moderate light, so you don't have to worry about chasing the sun! Just keep the soil damp, and get the camera ready.

    HappilyPlants, gwillsphoto

    Promising Review: "My lovely plant is named Olivia. She’s beautiful. She shipped quickly, was packaged well, and came with great care guides. My family members are already plotting to steal her. After hydrating her, she’s been placed in soil, and I cannot wait for her continued growth. Thank you." β€”gwillsphoto

    Get it from HappilyPlants on Etsy for $24+ (available in five sizes).

    12. An areca palm so you can add a tropical vibe to your home. Because their leaves are thin, sunlight can burn them, so keep them out of direct light. Pro tip: Let the soil dry between watering and keep the palm in well-draining pot.


    Promising Review: "I am very pleased with the areca palm houseplant I ordered. It’s very healthy and already has new sprouts. It was well-packaged and received in excellent condition. I bought it to go in the den in our new place, but I like it so much I think I’m going to order another for my bedroom!" β€”M Deaton

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    13. This lovely burgundy rubber plant for removing toxins (like carbon monoxide) from the air! Water it weekly (make sure the soil is dry), and give it direct sun. Then sit back and watch it grow.


    Promising Review: "I've been wanting a rubber tree for quite some time and researched multiple nurseries. I live in the middle of the heartland, and, in the winter, our nurseries are empty or closed so I ordered online. This gorgeous plant arrived early and was packaged so carefully that it was astonishingly apparent how much love went into raising this plant. It's deeply and breathtakingly beautiful, and I can't wait to see how she grows!!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $21.

    14. A lush Boston fern that you can sit or hang from the ceiling. (Just think of those drapey leaves!) Give it some moderate light, and water it whenever the soil feels dry.

    NaturallyGreen, Jennifer P

    Promising Review: "So glad I got this! Box was a little worse for wear upon arrival, but the plant was so well-packed inside that it didn't faze my fern. And it's gorgeous!! It fluffed right out when I unpacked it. Much better-looking plant than I would've gotten from a big-box store. Thank you!" β€” Jennifer P

    Get it from NaturallyGreen on Etsy for $12.

    15. This cute pilea so you can enjoy watching it grow even more of it's adorable coin-shaped leaves! Keep it under bright but not direct light, and water it about once a week. If ya ever overwater, its leaves will start to yellow, so you'll know to back off a bit.

    PottedElephant, Amanda Shaffer

    Promising Review: "So super impressed! These were packed so well that they arrived from across the country looking beautiful! Thank you!" β€”elysa mullen

    Get it from PottedElephant on Etsy for $13.99.

    16. These sturdy string of pearls because you can easily propagate and regrow them! They like bright light but not too harsh. Just be sure to let them drain and dry out between waterings.


    Promising Review: "Wow! I am SO, SO pleased with my purchase! I passed on several string of pearls at my local nursery because they all looked so puny. I had never ordered online before and was nervous about receiving another puny plant, but this baby is GORGEOUS. I paid about three times as much for this plant as my nursery was selling them for β€” but with the quick shipping and considering how healthy and abundant it is, it was worth it 100%. Thank you!" β€”Tina McCants

    Get it from Amazon for $16.95.

    You, loving your new easy-to-care-for plant babies:

    20th Television / Via

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