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"Anyone Remember Pregnant Barbie?": People Share "Messed Up" Products That Came Out In Stores And Were Discontinued

In eight years, an estimated 6,100 people were sent to the emergency room due to injuries from the product.

As times evolve, brands continue to come up with increasingly modern or inventive products. But sometimes, those products don't always pan out. Instead, they become notorious, much to the chagrin of the companies behind them, and are even eventually discontinued.

Recently, u/fishermen4life2 asked, "What was the most fucked up thing to come out in stores that are now discontinued?" Needless to say, there were quite a few! So here are 12 of the most messed-up things to come out in stores and the story behind why they were ultimately discontinued:

1. "A Cabbage Patch doll with an eating function that ended up eating young girls' hair. I remember my cousins' getting them for Christmas. There was no off switch. The 'eating' was triggered by putting the 'food' in their mouth — the food being little rectangular pieces of plastic. It continued eating until the food was all the way in, and then it turned off. The problem was that once it got ahold of hair, it kept 'chewing.' The hair would get caught in the gears inside the head, and it wouldn't stop because it still sensed food in the mouth."

A Cabbage Patch Snack Time Doll in its original packaging

2. "KITE TUBES! A boating raft that flies behind the boat — think 20 feet in the air. The year I bought a boat, they were the newest thing, with a video in the store on a big screen TV. I wanted one, but my wife said, 'Hell, no!' Our kids were about 8 and 11 at the time. The next spring, I went in, and they were nowhere to be found. I asked the salesperson about them, and she said they were recalled due to injuries. What a shock! (They still looked fun as hell.)"

Screenshots from a video of a person falling off of a Kite Tube while airborne

3. "There was a product called the 'Worm Getter' in the '80s. It was basically a rod that shocked the ground outside your house. For some reason, it caused worms to come out of the ground, so you didn't have to buy them yourself. Yeah, there were about 30 deaths attributed to this thing due to people shocking themselves, and it was recalled."

A hand reaches for a Worm Getting probe, a metal rod with a white handle, that lies on the ground

4. "Fake snow made from asbestos."

The box cover for fake snow made of asbestos that reads, "Asbestos Pure White, Fire Proof Snow. Looks like real snow. Cleanest, whitest, best"

5. "There was that vibrating Harry Potter broom for kids."

The Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 in its original packaging with an Amazon review that reads, "Keep the batteries out" and discusses how the buyer got the broomstick for their daughter as a Christmas gift, only to learn that it vibrates

6. "Lawn Darts. These were a lot of fun but were also terrible accidents waiting to happen. They had plastic fins and a body with a weighted, pointy metal tip. I remember older kids whipping them at the schoolyard fence to see how deep they could go into the 2"x12" pressure-treated fence planks."

Lawn darts sticking up from the grass

7. "Dyed ketchup. They had to put so much dye in it that they legally couldn't call it tomato ketchup. If I remember correctly, it had a silly name, too, like EZ Squirt. Apparently, it returned porn on searches. You can still get green ketchup if it is available in your area, but I'm not sure about the other colors."

A little girl happily squeezes purple EZ Squirt ketchup onto burgers, fries, and hot dogs

8. "Many shoe stores used to have fluoroscope X-ray machines for customers to see how well their feet fit into the shoes they were trying on. They were often unshielded and highly radioactive."

A shoe-fitting fluoroscope machine above the X-ray image of a foot in a shoe

9. "Anyone remember pregnant Barbie? You could take her stomach off, and there was a tiny baby doll inside."

The Happy Family Midge doll in its original packaging, with the box showing how Midge's pregnant stomach can be detached from the doll's body to reveal a baby inside the removed belly

10. "That toy doll that would laugh when you shook it back and forth. Needless to say, small children who had infant siblings did that, and some died or had severe injuries."

A Jibba Jabber doll with red hair and a yellow nose

11. "Rely, a brand of tampons back in the '70s, were designed to be left in for YOUR ENTIRE CYCLE — which, of course, made them breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty bacteria and led to toxic shock syndrome. Needless to say, they don't make those anymore."

A box of Rely tampons with the slogan, "Rely. It even absorbs the worry."

12. "They removed Pop Rocks for a while because we, as kids, would slug a pack down with soda. Great burps. Some parents obviously were freaked out as they thought their kids would explode. They were back on the shelves once it was figured out that they were pretty harmless."

A strawberry-flavored pack of Pop Rocks

Did you purchase or own any of these products? What'd ya think? Alternatively, what would you add to this list? (Somebody tell me they remember Moon Shoes...)