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    17 People Share Their 'Coworker From Hell' Stories, And I'm Ready To Go To HR For Them

    I will feel personally vindicated when these people get fired.

    I'm sure you've had a job where there's that one person you just can't stand. They made your job harder, and you probably weren't the only one who was sick of them.

    Well, redditor u/Fruntledumjam recently asked, "Who was your coworker from hell?" And, wow, kudos to everyone who responded for not literally rage-quitting their jobs.

    So here are 17 of the most hellish responses:

    1. "I had a colleague who genuinely enjoyed seeing people not do well and when people felt uncomfortable. She was very manipulative. She'd ask you questions and sympathize with whatever you had going on — only to turn around and tell everyone what you just confessed to her.

    "After about two to three months with the company, if she hadn’t already somehow screwed you over, you’d heard enough about her to know that if you didn't want the rest of the room to find out something, then you didn't tell her. Yeah, I’m talking about you, Carolina." —u/mcderson9

    2. "This woman was one of those people who always had to one-up you. If you cut your thumb off, she was just recently sawed in half.

    "She was constantly complaining and miserable, and it was so draining." —u/loveonanacidtrip

    3. "The fiftysomething turd was the owner's son. He was a spoiled brat who constantly reminded me of who he was if I stood up to him. He was creepy as hell, too. He could never just tell any of the women they looked nice. One day when I was wearing a skirt, he actually told me one day that my legs looked nice.

    "That was the last time I wore a skirt to work for a long time. I immediately started looking for a new job within a month. There were so many other things that occurred that I was turned off from working for a small, family-owned business." —u/soaringcats

    4. "He was in his fifties, 6'4", and had often-uncontrolled diabetes. I was 24 and a foot shorter. Normally, he was a teddy bear, but when his blood sugar got low, he would get violent. He tried throwing punches at me for suggesting he get a Coke from the vending machine.

    "I had to call search and rescue on him once because he didn't come back to the truck after doing a transect (biology job). You guessed it, he had low blood sugar and was not able to find his way back to the truck. I was basically his babysitter." —u/MizElaneous

    5. "He told the general manager that he might be late for a shift due to his second job. When the GM said okay, he thought he had free rein to come and go as he pleased. He'd show up 30 minutes to an hour late for his shift. At closing, he'd insist he had to head out for an early morning the following day, leaving everyone else to do the closing work.

    "People mostly kept quiet until one day, a higher-level manager had to sub on night shift. When he went to leave early and leave the rest of us with the work, the manager flipped: 'If you lay a fucking FINGER on that money before this work is COMPLETELY DONE, don't bother coming back.'

    "The guy insisted he 'had permission' and left anyway. When our GM returned and he tried to come back, our manager said, 'You warned me you were going to be late ONE TIME, and I never once gave you permission to otherwise start late or leave early. Clean out your locker NOW.'" —u/Cyberhwk

    6. "I briefly had a coworker ('Fred') at the grocery store. He eventually got fired when one of his old high school teachers came in shopping, and he threw a whole sack of potatoes at her. She was an elderly woman who got seriously injured, and both the ambulance and the cops had to get involved.

    "Even before that, he was always talking on his phone in the break room, usually arguing with his girlfriend. He'd do other annoying, gross things like chewing with his mouth wide open and wiping his boogers all over the place, but then there was one day when he tried to flush a Hot Pocket down the toilet.

    "I never did hear about what happened to his old teacher, but Fred is currently in jail for not only assaulting his teacher but also attacking his lawyer, for reasons unknown." —u/brosafe

    7. "I had a 50-year-old colleague who would message women on sugar baby apps and rub one out over his trousers. I saw him blow his load in the office. I reported it, and he said he had a genital rash but admitted to 'messaging people on social media.' I got in trouble for my accusations.

    "Fast-forward eight months, he was sitting opposite me. He starts rubbing one out in the open again. I recorded him and showed my manager, and he was finally fired." —u/PenMarkedHand

    8. "We had a system administrator who would come to work and run his real estate business from his desk while he was supposed to be working, coughing, sneezing, and sniffling the whole time. We called him 'Itchy.' He would also call friends and family for hourslong conversations while we all had to listen.

    "He picked up the nickname 'Thanksgiving Dinner Guy' for using the break room (it had a full kitchen) to cook entire meals that wouldn't be out of place at a family gathering. When he finally got fired, they found out he never did any of his sys-admin work. No backups, no password changes, no log monitoring." —u/Niblek

    9. "I work shifts and can't go home unless I pass over my reports to the next person face-to-face. One particular woman loves coming in late. Not 5 or 10 minutes late — I'm talking 25 to 30 minutes late.

    "The best part is that she loves bitching about how everyone is always on her ass for coming in late. She literally lives a five-minute walk away from work, so no one knows why she's always late." —u/kandnm115709

    10. "As soon as she started, she had a problem with me. I don’t know why. She essentially bullied me from the get-go, and when I told my manager about it, she claimed nothing could be done, since the rude lady wasn’t officially under my manager. One day, she started bumping into me, saying, 'You have a problem with me? Let’s take it outside.'

    "I was half her size, I’ve never fought in my life outside of sibling squabbles, and I have terrible social anxiety. So I went to the bathroom, called my S.O. to come and pick me up, and walked out on my shift. I didn’t say a word to anyone and left her there alone during the lunch rush.

    "I later learned from my friend who also worked there that my manager didn’t blame me and officially put down that I left for 'personal reasons.' She was a nice woman, and I don’t blame her for not being able to do anything. Upper management at this chain was very irresponsible." —u/Mochimant

    11. "I worked with this girl when I was a personal shopper. She tried to get me fired a couple of times because she saw I was moving up faster than she was. We both got sent to work at a different location for a couple of months, and she went around bad-mouthing me to anyone who would listen, so they thought I was a shit employee and she was amazing.

    "I proved myself with my work ethic, and my coworkers realized she was a liar. It definitely changed their opinion of her. I ended up going to a different location, and when she went back to our original location, she continued to say horrid things about me. My coworkers took my side and called her out on her BS. She left not long after on a bad note with them." —u/figaro-il-gatto

    12. "A woman almost got me fired because she wanted to find the weakest-looking guy to be her little errand boy. When I told her politely to go screw herself, she told HR that I had been taking work out of her queue in the system.

    "It wasn't a very good lie, though, because why would I want to do more work than I have to? I even said this to HR in the disciplinary meeting." —u/LemonZeppelin27

    13. "I'll never forget the 22-ish girl who spent a shift telling me, with no prompting at all, about how she used to be a raging heroin addict, but she was over it now and had become extremely religious. The very next day, she got fired for stealing $20 from the cash register.

    "She had gone into very explicit detail about her drug deals and the things she'd done to get drugs. My shy, homeschooled ass was stunned." —u/glum_hedgehog

    14. "I work with a woman who is threatened by other women, especially if they are younger and have more education than she does. She consistently tries to discourage women from furthering their education and constantly tries to get women she is threatened by fired.

    "She is a goddam nightmare." —u/adoptdontshop1

    15. "I used to work part time at a shipping warehouse, and we hired this 16-year-old kid. He made a ton of mistakes that we ended up having to fix for him, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first because he was new. Not only did he never learn from his fuckups, but he was incredibly lazy and lacked any self-awareness.

    "There were instances where he was given a task, but then he'd either dick around on his phone most of the time, hide in the bathroom for like 45 minutes, or just whine to my supervisor. Because of that, he would often take half the day to do 30 minutes of work and would complain that he had too much work piled on top of him. It was ridiculous. He lasted maybe a month before my supervisor let him go." —u/ralo229

    16. "I had a coworker who always gossiped about others and would say horrible things about everyone in the office. It created a super-toxic culture and caused many people to leave.

    "It wasn't because they didn’t like the work; they just hated the culture." —u/Jackson_Wills

    17. "I had an assistant who plotted to get me fired and take my job. Some of my workers let me know because he tried to get them on board with him. Eventually, due to politics, I was demoted but asked to be put on the shift relieving him. After being relieved by phone a couple of times (against the rules), I intentionally came in four hours early and he wasn't there.

    "I still got a call from him when he should have relieved me like he was still on site. I let the guards know, and they videotaped him and I got him fired." —u/charlie2135

    Are you annoyed just reading these? 'Cause same. Or do you relate and have your own coworker from hell? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.