"I Get Really, Really Nervous And Feel So Responsible Because I'm Aware Of The Fans' Stories": BTS's RM Opens Up About Feeling Nerves While Performing

    "My first performance was in front of 10 people in some small club when I was 15. And I forgot most of the lyrics."

    As Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians 2022 cover stars, BTS's RM and Pharrell Williams recently sat down together to talk about everything from their secret collaboration to handling having such a massive fanbase.

    During the interview, RM revealed that Pharrell is actually one of his idols and opened up about his journey from an elementary school kid who had just discovered rap to global icon coming off an intensely successful decade with BTS. So here are 11 major takeaways from their conversation:

    RM and Pharrell sit across from each other on Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians

    1. RM wanted to be a rapper since elementary school.

    quote by RM, "Rap is basically rhythm and poetry. I really felt attracted to this whole genre to send messages to the world."

    2. RM feels more comfortable writing lyrics or melodies for other artists rather than himself (though he admitted that it was embarrassing for him to talk about this in front of his idol, Pharrell).

    close up of RM speaking on Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians

    3. He got into hip-hop by listening to Nas, Eminem, and Pharrell Williams — or, as he called them, "the classics."

    Nas performing in 2002

    4. RM and Pharrell first met when BTS performed at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. They took a photo together backstage, and Pharrell wanted to work with BTS even then.

    2018 BBMA's at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

    5. When he was 15, RM had his first performance at a small club with about 10 people, and he forgot most of the lyrics.

    RM performing on stage with BTS

    6. RM gets really nervous before going onstage and sometimes performs using a persona to cope.

    BTS on stage

    7. After Pharrell asked him how he handles having such a massive fanbase, RM revealed that he feels gratitude and a responsibility toward his fans because of how much they love and have done for BTS.

    RM on the red carpet
    quote by RM, "The fans buy the tickets and come from everywhere for just that one night. I just don't want to disappoint them."

    8. About 90% of RM's solo album is done, and he considers it to be his first official solo album.

    RM speaking at an interview with BTS

    9. RM has had to reflect over BTS's position as a "social figure" and his own purpose after giving a speech at the United Nations.

    BTS speaking at the UN
    quote by RM, "A K-pop band giving a speech at the UN or meeting presidents... I was confused, like, 'What am I? A diplomat?'"

    10. RM appreciates being able to step away from BTS to calm his mind down after an intense 10 years, especially since K-pop was so different from his original background as a rapper and poet.

    RM and Pharrell sit across from each other on Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians

    11. After coming so far in his career, RM has started thinking about his original dreams as a teenager and why he chose to pursue music in life — even if he doesn't know what's coming next.

    quote by RM, "When I started my music, I was 14, and now I'm 28. So I'm in that process. I just don't know what's going to happen."

    To catch more of RM and Pharrell's conversation, watch the entire Musicians on Musicians interview by Rolling Stone here or read a transcript of it here.

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