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People Are Coming Up With Brutally Honest Slogans For Brands We All Know, And They're Actually Hilarious

"Taco Bell: You can make 32 different things with these five ingredients, why mess with perfection??"

You know how there are popular brands that we all know and love (and love to hate)? Well, a majority of them have incredibly catchy slogans or jingles to really drive home their ads and get stuck in your head.

But Redditor u/NotANameReally recently decided to get real and asked, "If brands were brutally honest, what brand would have what slogan?" And people did not hold back.

So here are some of the best responses:

1. "Hot Pockets β€” Every bite is a different temperature."

Three bags of Hot Pockets Snack Bites

2. "Taco Bell β€” You can make 32 different things with these five ingredients, why mess with perfection?"

A Taco Bell location in the daylight

3. "Altoids β€” Use the box for anything else."

A box of Altoids

4. "The Onion β€” This wasn't supposed to be a prediction."

The homepage of the Onion

5. "Ikea β€” Visit for the meatballs. Stay because you can't find the fucking way out."

An Ikea storefront

6. "YouTube β€” Where the world watches ads."

A smartphone with the YouTube app loading

7. "Q-tips β€” Listen, from a liability standpoint, we have to tell you to not stick these in your ears. But we’re not your mother. You do what the fuck you want."

8. "Staples β€” No one actually works here."

A Staples storefront

9. "The Simpsons β€” We don't predict the future. The problems of the '90s were never fixed."

Simpsons creator Matt Groening gives a thumbs up in front of a Simpsons wall at an event in LA

10. "Nike β€” Let's face it, you're not going to actually do it."

A Nike storefront

11. "Ramen β€” You get paid in a few days."

A cooked cup of instant ramen

12. "Pepsi β€” Is Pepsi ok?"

13. "Facebook β€” Making it easier to stalk people since 2004."

The Facebook landing page

14. "Yellow Pages β€” Here, you throw this away."

A person flips through a Yellow Pages

15. "Ryanair β€” What are you gonna do, walk?"

A Ryanair plane taking off

16. "Ex-Lax β€” Because you've got shit to do."

A man holds his stomach while also holding a packet of pills

17. "Hughesnet β€” We'll make you miss dial up."

A smartphone showing the HughesNet logo

18. "EA β€” Bringing the gambling addiction to your phone."

People attending an EA conference at the Hollywood Palladium with the EA logo on a large screen

19. "Adblocker β€” Because pressing the 'skip ad' button takes energy that you just don't have right now."

Ad blocker logo shown on the silhouette of a smartphone

20. "Reddit β€” You don't have to read shampoo bottles anymore while taking a dump."

A smartphone with the Reddit app loading, showing the logo

21. "Internet Explorer β€” The best browser for downloading Chrome."

Microsoft announces the launch of Internet Explorer 9

22. "Bing β€” Even we're surprised you're using us!"

23. "Viagra β€” Try it. How hard can it be?"

Woman walks past a Viagra connect add in a storefront

So!? Whataya think? Feeling so validated? Got any of your own brutally honest slogans for a brand? Let us know in the comments below!