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    17 Things For Anyone Who Remembers All The Lyrics To "Oops!...I Did It Again"

    🎶 But to lose all my senses, that is just so typically me 🎶

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    Hi, my name's Victoria, and I'm a diehard Britney fan. I mean, who isn't? Obviously, if you're reading this you (or someone you know) is. Or both. She's the Princess of Pop, a living icon, and the only tolerable celeb lately.

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    So, here are some cool products that any Britney fan would love!

    1. This enamel pin of flight attendant Brit from the Toxic mv that will take you on a ride.


    Get it from thefoundretail on Etsy for $11.

    2. A motivational mug that will remind you of Britney's (2007) strength and that you can handle anyone who wants a piece of you.


    Get it from theMugHermit on Etsy for $10.

    3. This coloring book inspired by Britney herself so you can relax and get in the zone. Just remember that red is the color of her love.


    Get it from ColorTheStarsCo on Etsy for $16.99.

    4. An "Oh Baby Baby" card (and envelope) to hit someone up with. Baby shower? Perf. A general thanks? They'll be thanking you after this.


    Get it from JulieYegen on Etsy for $5.50.

    5. These iconic Britney magnets that were "born" to make you happy every time you see 'em.


    Get them from LoyalNinja on Etsy for $15.29.

    6. An Oops!...I Did It Again cover tee that will have everyone thinking you're so lucky.

    Urban Outfitters

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $34 (available in sizes S-XXL).

    7. An amazing print to publicly display your affection for Britney on a throw pillow, on a notebook, on a vinyl sticker, and frankly on 48 other things.


    Get the print from ope-store on Redbubble: as the throw pillow cover for $21.01+ (also available with pillow insert); as the notebook for $12.62; and as the vinyl sticker for $3.02.

    8. This shiny red jumpsuit so you can really lose all your senses and fully embrace dancing on Mars.

    Via Amazon

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in eight colors).

    9. A car air-freshener with Britney's "...Baby One More Time" face and pigtails so you can enjoy a (new car) scent that won't drive you crazy.


    Get it from AirWheres on Etsy for $6.99.

    10. This classic 90s Britney T-shirt (feat. a shot from her May 1999 portrait session in LA!) that will make everyone notice that you got it.


    Get it from verbisdiablo on Redbubble for $18.09 (available in sizes S-5XL and available in 19 colors).

    11. This Britney Spears Fantasy perfume that you can put on and hope everyone smells (because it smells like jasmine, kiwi, and white chocolate!).


    Get it from Overstock for $27.99.

    12. An iconic Funko Pop! Britney Spears because you won't deny it, that 2001 VMA performance was legendary.

    Via Amazon

    Get it from Amazon for $9.94.

    13. This St. Britney candle so you can kill the lights and bask in the warm glow of our queen.


    Get it from BlasphemeBout on Etsy for $13.

    14. A Britney Spears signature phone case for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy because it never hurts to keep your phone (over)protected even if you believe in taking chances.


    Get it from SparkleofTruth on Redbubble: the iPhone case for $21 or the Samsung Galaxy case for $25.25.

    15. This "...Baby One More Time" vinyl so you can spin it around (🎶oh, the earth is moving, but I can't feel the ground🎶 — oops, I did it again, sorry!) and make the music sound even better.

    Via Amazon

    Get it from Amazon for $17.76.

    16. This concert recording of Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour, that will let you see her more than once or twice and without all the people standin' in the way.


    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    17. Or, the Britney Spears — Live From Las Vegas DVD for what is arguably one of her best concert recordings (from her Dream Within a Dream 2001-02 Tour) so you can get it, get it and feel so happy when Britney's dancing (and singing) there.


    Get it from Amazon for $13.98.

    A Band Apart, Artists and Derelicts / Via

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