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    27 Challenging Brain Teaser Books And Puzzles That'll Help Engage Your Brain

    Okay, genius, let's see ya get this one.

    1. A Criminal Mind Puzzles book by Brain Games that will challenge your inner detective with visual and verbal crime-themed puzzles.

    2. Some good ol' fashioned Brain Teasers for Adults so you can work your noggin with five different puzzle categories at all levels, from Duck Soup to Head Scratchers.

    3. A book containing The 125 Best Brain Teasers of All Time because it curates logic, math, and wordplay brain teasers (along with some history). It even includes the first documented riddle in history, the famous Riddle of the Sphinx!

    4. This Clear Acrylic Impossible Puzzle for extreme puzzle fanatics, because you cannot possibly cheat on it. Seriously, good luck.

    5. A The Scotland Yard Puzzle Book so you can try your hand at recreated "complex conundrums" faced by the detectives themselves. Of course, they're all in the form of activities — like linguistic, logic, and math puzzles, hidden messages, map puzzles, and more.

    6. This MENSA AARP Challenging Brain Twisters because it's filled with 100 logic and number puzzles that'll make you feel like a genius every time you solve one.

    7. A Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles book that lets you enter the narrative and solve puzzles with the characters in an island mansion. And, you'll learn more about them and the house along the way...

    8. This Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle set because they will grab anyone's attention and compel them to try one. Each puzzle is really two metal pieces interlocked. To "solve" one, you have to separate the two pieces. (Remember that one kid in school who had these?)

    9. These 50 Logic Grid Puzzles so you can relive your elementary school days where you looked forward to these during seat-work instead of boring worksheets.

    10. This Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults for you to challenge yourself (and overcome boredom) with over 130 puzzles, including Masyu, Logic Grids, Calcudoku, and more!

    11. An intriguing DaVinci Hard Puzzle Box with a small compartment inside that requires you to complete seven tasks to open it.

    12. This Cryptograms book so you can (spend hours) cypher(ing) 200 cryptograms based on letter replacement and reveal interesting quotes.

    13. A New York Times Best of Wednesday Crosswords book because you want to do unlimited NYT crossword puzzles on demand, not only when they're released online or in the paper.

    14. This Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids book for some family fun as you compete to see who can figure out the riddle the fastest and stump each other along the way!

    15. A Safecracker 40 Math Puzzle to give you a kinesthetic and math-based challenge. To crack the safe, you need to align the dials so that each column adds up to 40.

    16. This Cylinder Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser because you just know you can figure out how to take it apart with a little bit of time. (And then you gotta figure out how to put it back together.)

    17. A captivating Wheel of Fortune Word Puzzles book for you to pretend you're spinning the wheel and solving these puzzles with Pat Sajak and Vanna White! (Plus, the books contains different kinds of puzzles, like word searches and crosswords, too.)

    18. This book of Sudoku Puzzles Easy to Hard so you can stimulate your mind and stay busy (especially as you try to break your PR every time!).

    19. An extremely tricky Constantin Voidlock Puzzle that doesn't require a key but a 300-move sequence to open, which is perfect for a determined person like you.

    20. This What Am I?: A Collection of Traditional Word Riddles because who doesn't love some fun and challenging riddles to pass the time? You have to admit that get-wetter-as-I-dry one excites ya every time.

    21. A spiral-bound Code Breaker book that will test the verbal, logic, and visual skills you'd need as a cryptographer to crack these codes.

    22. This secret puzzle box for you to break into. It even has a compartment inside, making it a cool gift box for your puzzle-crazed friend to open.

    23. A Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Puzzles themed-book because you know that there's no such thing as the perfect crime.

    24. This spiral-bound book of Word Searches so you can simultaneously relax and get in a mental workout as you search for words of varying topics.

    25. A Sherlock Holmes Puzzle themed-book that will make you feel like the quirky sleuth himself as you deduce the answers to these puzzles. Because, of course, for you, it's elementary.

    26. This book of 399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young to help exercise your brain and work your memory, one puzzle at a time.

    27. And finally, a BePuzzled Padlock Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser that may even be harder to put back together than take apart.

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