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The Kandi Beadz Idea Originated At An Electronic Music Festival Three Years Ago

Kandi Beadz® LLC is an accessory brand, based in Industry City, Brooklyn, NY. It offers DIY kits for blinking pony beaded bracelets that create friendship and memories among young people. Friendship bracelets are very literal within our culture, they represent a feeling of true connection. People become excited when they receive a handmade keepsake from someone they experienced a bond with. Kandi Beadz® donates part of the proceeds to philanthropy foundations that help young homeless people find their way off living on the streets. These luminous icebreakers make perfect gifts and conversation starters ☆ From an interview with Victoria: "It began three years ago, when I went to an Electric Zoo Festival and saw a huge number of people wearing beaded bracelets up to their elbows! They were sharing and trading them with each other and having an amazing time. But not of their bracelets lit up. I went home and started designing and additional element to this accessory. In childhood my favorite pass time was making new fashion creations. Now, my school age son has been helping me with ideas & new patterns of color, and researching fresh, young trends. First we opened a store on Etsy, then the company evolved. As a mother of a teenager I know about the struggle young people go through to find work and build experience. Our team has developed a solution in a box". It is a fun way to make a few extra dollars, as well as add some solid lines on a resume: event planning, fashion accessory design, managing social media campaigns, merchandising, craft work, electrical engineering (light emitting diode), workshop leadership and more!" A dazzling idea for birthdays parties and gatherings. This is a great venture for teenagers who want to make some extra income working from home. Kandi Beadz® donates part of the proceeds to help young homeless people find their way off living on the streets. Take a step and make your contribution today! Start building strong connections, using these pony beaded tokens of unity. #FRIENDSHIP, #FUN, #GOOD VIBES, #JEWELRY, #KANDI BEADS, #KANDI BEADZ, #POSITIVITY, #PRODUCT REVIEWS, #SPARKLE, #Gear Costume, #Music Festival, #2017 trend, #dance, #PLUR, #raver, #Rave Wear, #Rave, #blinking, #light up, #black light, #neon, #for good cause, #bracelets, #candy, #candi, #kandi, #kandy, #kandie, #kande, #kandi

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What an awesome conversation piece, magic - better than a cigarette or drugs!

DIY Blinking Friendship Bracelet


The concoction of stunning beads in a range of black light reflective colors, the radiant LED glow and timeless design will give your style the edge it needs. The kit comes with an LED strip, clear and solid multi-textured beads, extra batteries, a stretchy jewelry cord, a choice of alphabet block letters (white, chunky, or neon), three adhesive cap designs, step by step instruction manual and more.

Franchise opportunities

If you have a passion for crafts, fashion, event planning and L.E.D. lights - this maybe the right opportunity for you. Sign up online!

We are currently looking for independent members to expand our network across the US and promote this unique fun product line under our corp umbrella. You will excel and expand through managing a regular l.e.d. accessory making workshop/mingle. The money potential of this franchise can be very lucrative and the level of success is in your hands. Run your own Kandi Beadz® L.E.D. bracelet making pop-up workshop in your city. Promote it via social media event invitations. It is a unique opportunity to create a social mingle and make money.

Create handmade blinking l.e.d. friendship bracelets! Choose your favorite DIY craft kit ☆ These luminous icebreakers make perfect gifts and conversation starters ☆

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