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    • victoria brand

      commenters are projecting frustration with their own personal acquaintances and strangers who dare to disrespect them with tardiness by calling this patient “obnoxious” and “selfish” and “awful.” only a few have considered the patient might be under crippling panic every day leading to an appointment, just expecting to find a fetus with no heartbeat at any second.
      how do manners and decorum mean more than compassion for a person dealing with a stillbirth after 40 weeks of pregnancy? (oh goodness, a DEPLORABLE IRRESPONSIBLE mother! it’s more important that she’s inconveniencing you.) a doctor commenting to a public forum about a patient is just stupid and petty, at best.
      the real issue is the doctor just outed herself as crappy and neglectful (that’s being kind) with the demeanor of a middleschooler. the fact that a medical professional chooses to be snarky behind their patient’s back instead of addressing the mental issue at hand, instead of insisting on therapeutic referrals before the patient blows off another appointment and possibly does something completely unstable… that’s where the real offense is.
      and the country wonders how mental issues escalate. duh.

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