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14 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Never Get A Pet Iguana

Do not prepare for a cute overload.

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1. Because you could totally say no to this face

2. Because iguana tongues are not the most adorable tongues

3. They don't get along with other animals

4. And they absolutely HATE to snuggle


5. They have dreadful table manners

6. Iguanas are simply terrible at sports

7. They don't like to keep clean

8. Igs never show their owners affection

9. An iguana is just never going to look good in a hat

10. Reptiles aren't snazzy dressers

11. Who would want a pet that doesn't shed, or set off allergies?

12. Or that is super smart and can even use the toilet?

13. Iguanas often live for 20 years or more - who needs that much love?

14. NOPE

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