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24 Things All People Living In South East London Know To Be True

Crystal Palace has dinosaurs. Crystal Palace is better than where you live.

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4. It's OK though, because you still know that you have the number 3 bus, and the 3 is clearly the best bus in the world


The 3 goes all the way from Oxford Circus to Crystal Palace, taking in Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards Parade, the Houses of Parliament and Lambeth Palace on the way, meaning you can get home from work for the price of one bus fare, and you get a free sightseeing tour too. Best. Bus route. EVER.

9. You will never, ever see a celebrity in south east London


North London is home to the celebrity petting zoo that is Primrose Hill, central is overrun with Russian oligarchs and the south west is full of tennis players. No one bothers with the south east, so you are far less likely to have to battle through crowds of paparazzi to get to the corner shop.

22. This scene in Thor 2: The Dark World is endlessly infuriating

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No, you cannot get to Greenwich from Charing Cross without changing trains, as anyone who lives in south east London will tell you.

23. You've accepted Greenwich is simultaneously the best and the worst place in south east London


Greenwich is so pretty, and there's the Cutty Sark, and the Observatory, and the market and the cute little pubs, but also...

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