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20 Everyday Struggles All People Who Look Younger Than Their Age Can Relate To

Yes, my mother does know that I'm out.

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1. You have to carry ID with you everywhere you go


You never know when you might want to buy alcohol, or a lottery ticket, or sharp scissors, and you've been ID'd for all three.

2. Because trying to get into club or bar without it is only going to end one way

3. And telling boucers you stopped carrying ID when you turned 25 doesn't help


But it's true!

4. Even when you have ID you're weirdly paranoid people will think it's fake

5. When you tell people how old you are


Get over it already.

6. When people flat out refuse to believe your real age


I've shown you my driving licence, passport and birth certificate, why are you still arguing with me?

7. You don't always feel respected in the workplace


People are quicker to dismiss your opinions because you look so young.

8. Or worse, people think you're the work experience kid

9. Your youthfulness tends to inspire a lot of boring gossip


You look younger than you are - ooh, scandalous.

10. People take it really badly if you won't tell them how old you are


Think you can avoid the gossip by just not mentioning your age? Think again. People will soon figure out you're probably older than you look, but refusing to confirm their suspicions will drive them crazy.

11. Getting bossed around by people who are actually younger than you

12. You can't really pull off 'sexy'


Because, y'know, you look like a child.

13. So you're doomed to a life of being 'cute'

14. You're getting sick of being chatted up by teenagers


Back off kid, I would eat you for breakfast.

15. And people you like aren't interested because they think you're too young


But I'm an adult!

16. If you're a woman, people will constantly tell you you're lucky to not look your age


So looking as old as I actually am would be such a bad thing? Yeah no, that's not sexist at all.

17. Still, you recognise there are certain...advantages to looking younger

18. That innocent face of yours means you can get away with a lot more than other people your age

19. Plus, messing with people's heads can be fun


Are you 21 or 31? THEY DON'T KNOW.

20. And who knows, when you're older, maybe you'll decide to rock one of those younger guys/gals worlds after all...


You've got loads of options - may as well keep 'em open!

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