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19 Realities All People Who Work In Media Know To Be True

My blood stream is 99% caffeine.

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1. Your friends are jealous of you, because you rarely start before 10am


The lie-ins are pretty sweet.

2. But you don't always feel so lucky when you're still at your desk at 10pm

3. One of the best things about where you work is there's no dress code


No one could care less what you wear to the office, which is a fact you will take full advantage of.

4. Although there's always one guy who takes it too far

5. Meetings. So. Many. Meetings.


6. When you're asked your opinion:


What we talking about again?

7. Meetings = doughnuts. Glorious, life-giving doughnuts


Media breakfast meetings: single-handedly keeping Krispy Kreme in business.

8. No one understands what you actually do for a living

9. Some days even you're not sure what you actually do for a living


10. One thing you are 100% certain of is that you, your entire workplace and the world as you understand it would collapse without coffee

11. And booze

12. Work nights out always end like this


Seriously, no one can drink like your colleagues.



14. You hear the word 'deadline' far more often than you are comfortable with

15. You, one day before deadline:


16. Five hours before deadline:


17. One hour before deadline:

18. One hour after deadline:


Thank heavens that's over. For like, another day, at least.

19. But if anyone ever suggested a career change?

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