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    18 Times Tom Hiddleston Was Utterly Perfect

    Does he ever take time off from being wonderful?

    1. When he was a perfect gentleman.

    2. When he made one fan's entire life.

    3. When he posed as Natalie Portman in the Thor 2: The Dark World poster...

    4. ...and caused this to happen.

    5. When he demonstrated how to acheive the perfect cartwheel.

    6. When he taught us all the true meaning of romance.

    7. When he was the most British man ever.

    8. When he surprised everyone at Comic Com by turning up as Loki...

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    9. ...and went to extreme lengths to make sure it was definitely a surprise.

    10. When he was possibly the best boyfriend ever.

    11. When he danced...

    12. ...and danced...

    13. ...and danced...

    14. ...and danced.

    15. When he did this.

    16. When he shared snacks with Cookie Monster.

    17. When he responded to his critics.

    18. And finally....when he said this.