12 Things Not To Say To Someone With Depression

Can you not?

1. Cheer up!

See also “Pull yourself together!”

2. Just don’t think/feel that way!

Your leg is only broken because you think it’s broken.

3. Everybody feels blue at this time of year! I was really down for like the whole day yesterday.

Yeah no, this is exactly the same thing.

4. You’re bringing everyone else down!

Hey, this is how I party, ok?

5. You need to try harder!

Do you know how much effort it took to leave the house?

6. You’re so self involved!

My chest hurts! I think I’m having a heart attack! Call…an…ambulance! - GOD. It’s all me, me, me with some people.

7. It’s all in your head!

Well, DUH.

8. You haven’t got anything to be depressed about!

That’s the worst part of it.

9. Happiness is a choice!

So is hitting you in the face.

10. You clearly want to feel this way!

I really don’t.

11. You should try drinking camomile tea!

Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

12. Hang in there! Things will get better!

I know you’re only trying to help. But no. Just no.

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