12 Surprising Upsides To Being Unemployed

Being unemployed sucks. But at least you don’t have to queue at the supermarket.

1. You can avoid the crowds by doing your shopping in the middle of the week.

You can’t afford to buy food, but you can dance.

2. You don’t have to travel in rush hour, so you always get a seat on the train.

Or three.

3. You have more time to apply for jobs you actually want

It sounds obvious, but think how long you’ve spent in jobs you hated because you simply didn’t have time to look for another - now’s your chance to make a change.

4. It’s much easier to get/keep fit

It’s amazing how out of shape you can get when you spend eight hours a day stuck behind a desk. Invest some of your newly-found free time in going for a daily jog and you’ll be fighting fit in no time.

5. You can learn new skills or study for extra qualifications

Remember when you were going to sign up for evening classes but you realised you’d have to give up either socialising or sleeping or both? Now you have time to finally take a course or two. It may involve some initial outlay, but you’re only making yourself more employable.

6. You can finally make a dent in your reading list

When you’re working, you have reading list as long as your arm. Now you finally have time to settle in with a good book. Plus, reading expands the mind, so it’s win/win.

7. You could get smarter

With all the studying and reading you can do now, you may well end up a GENIUS.

8. You have a legitimate reason to ignore annoying charity fundraisers in the street

You should give a little to charity when you can afford to, though.

9. You learn the value of money

When you do get back to work, you might think twice about shelling out for takeaway coffee and expensive sandwich chain lunches.

10. You can catch up on cleaning

Everything is going to be spotless when you’re done.

11. You can build closer relationships with friends and family

Friends and family can fall by the wayside when you’re working all hours - use this opportunity to catch up on some quality time together.

12. When you do finally get a job, you’re going to feel brilliant

Something will come along eventually, and when it does it’ll be amazing.

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