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12 Surprising Upsides To Being Unemployed

Being unemployed sucks. But at least you don't have to queue at the supermarket.

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3. You have more time to apply for jobs you actually want

It sounds obvious, but think how long you've spent in jobs you hated because you simply didn't have time to look for another - now's your chance to make a change.

4. It's much easier to get/keep fit

It's amazing how out of shape you can get when you spend eight hours a day stuck behind a desk. Invest some of your newly-found free time in going for a daily jog and you'll be fighting fit in no time.

5. You can learn new skills or study for extra qualifications / Via

Remember when you were going to sign up for evening classes but you realised you'd have to give up either socialising or sleeping or both? Now you have time to finally take a course or two. It may involve some initial outlay, but you're only making yourself more employable.

6. You can finally make a dent in your reading list

When you're working, you have reading list as long as your arm. Now you finally have time to settle in with a good book. Plus, reading expands the mind, so it's win/win.

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