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    People Are Loving This Meme Of A Sassy Cheerleader

    Big mood.

    You've probably seen this viral meme of a cheerleader making the sassiest facial expression.

    Him:”Are you going to drop that attitude?” Me:”What attitude”

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    The video shared by the account below has over 40 million views.

    It's already on the 2018 calendar, along with Tide Pods.

    The cheerleader behind the meme is 13-year-old Ryan Cummings. She's an eighth-grader from North Carolina and a member of Cheer Extreme Allstars.

    Speaking to BuzzFeed, Cummings said the clip was from a routine she had competed in three weeks ago. "When I made that face, I was just thinking, I really want my team to kill it."

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    When asked about how it feels to be a meme, Cummings said: "It's crazy and it's kind of weird and funny. I never thought I'd see my face on so many social media pages."

    She said everyone at school knows about her meme, even teachers.

    I’m so dead that cheerleader meme is amazing

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    She says her mum, Melissa, finds it funny too.

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    It's a pretty good meme.

    when my teacher asks me a question thinking im not paying attention but I get it right

    Cummings said she hopes her meme takes her to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.