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14 Stories That Prove People Of Colour Were Ridiculously Funny In 2016

We lit.

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1. When this woman brutally talked her friend out of buying these popular Instagram shoes.

2. When this guy got ridiculously pumped at his sister's graduation ceremony.

When your brother tries to film u graduating but fails ๐Ÿ˜‚

@dee_uhh / Twitter

That's what you call sibling goals.

Twitter: @dee_uhh

3. This British teen casually chilling with Ed Miliband. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


4. This guy from Brooklyn's insanely extra Instagram captions.

Instagram: @jaboukie

5. When this 20-year-old art student from Virginia epically trolled her professor by writing "You got me fucked up" in sign language for her final piece. She was salty because he had given three assignments.

Lama Ali
Lama Ali

6. When this grandma accidentally texted a teenager from Phoenix about her Thanksgiving plans...

Jamal Hinton

...and he actually claimed his seat at the table!

Jamal Hinton

7. This 17-year-old slayed everyone elseโ€™s school IDs with this amazing Mulan photo.

8. When this mum gave her daughter a hilariously stern talking-to after she got cropped out of a photo.

Abeera Tariq

9. This guy from Florida's hilarious story about how he found a rabbit and how they became homies.

10. This very relatable teen from England who gave up on studying in approximately 0.5 seconds.

11. This high school senior from Illinois became a massive meme after his pure reaction to rare animals in class.

Jill Lojas

12. When this woman from Maryland spent four hours creating an ugly Christmas sweater for a contest and came second.

Twitter: @mayamorena_

13. When this woman took hilarious photos from her honeymoon without her husband because he wasnโ€™t granted a visa in time for the trip.

14. When this college student calculated the angle of her dab.

Twitter: @13adh13