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This Is The First Nickelodeon Cartoon To Feature A Same Sex Married Couple

"This is it. Time to make history."

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The Loud House is now the first Nickelodeon cartoon to debut a same-sex married couple.

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

In an episode called "Overnight Success", the protagonist Lincoln says, "This is it. Time to make history," as his friend, Clyde McBride, does a countdown in the background.

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Then Howard and Harold McBride, who are Clyde McBride’s parents, drop their son at Lincoln’s house for a sleepover.

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

We are introduced to the couple as Lincoln says, “Hi, McBride. Hi, McBride.”

Nickelodeon Animation Studio

People are seriously loving the representation of a married same-sex couple.

Time to make history indeed! First married gay couple on a Nickelodeon cartoon!

The Loud House was already our new favourite cartoon and now they've gone and done this brilliant thing. 💕💕

softcheekbones / Via Twitter: @softcheekbones

People are really excited that couple are interracial too.

comicbookstucky / Via Twitter: @comicbookstucky

Not only a married gay couple, but interracial, AND a positive portrayal as loving, dutiful parents who are funny!

mikinotmouse57 / Via Twitter: @mikinotmouse57



Nickelodeon has been contacted for comment.