This Woman Created A Movement To Encourage Women To Love Their Chubby Cheeks

    "The reassurance that I never knew I needed."

    This is 28-year-old Toni. She works as a student communications manager at Oxford University.

    Over the weekend, Toni shared a thread encouraging young women to love their "chubby cheeks".

    I know a few women in their 20s who dislike their full/chubby cheeks and wish their face was more chiselled. If you…

    You don't want to look gaunt as an older woman. Love your chubby cheeks ladies! You're blessed. 🤗

    The thread went pretty viral and gained over 60,000 likes.

    A few well known chubby cheekers who look great for their age! I wanna see more fabulous fuller-faced ladies in th…

    Many women appreciated her words.

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Toni said she started #ChubbyCheekGang after a conversation with her sister.

    "My sister and I got into a conversation about chubby cheeks as they run in our family. She wished she had a slimmer face and I told her that having full cheeks was a blessing, despite what she thought," she said.

    Toni added: "It made me think that there must be a few young women out there who share similar thoughts, so I wanted to let them know a full face has its benefits.

    "My face was fuller when I was younger but it started to slim down around the age of 26, and that's how I knew of the chubby cheek benefits. When I had a much fuller face, I used to google what I could do to make my face slimmer, but a lot of the web literature I found suggested that cheek fat was actually a good thing."

    Loads of women got involved with the hashtag.

    @t0nit0ne I love this thread shout out to the #ChubbyCheekGang! My mom is 64, folks still don't believe it when sh…

    "I'm really glad that so many women feel empowered by my thread," she said.

    @t0nit0ne Ahhhhhhh here's to my chubby cheek appreciation #ChubbyCheekGang 🙈💓

    #ChubbyCheekGang one thread I can join! 💕💕 @t0nit0ne thanks for this!

    "It's easy to underestimate how much of an effect the media can have on our self-esteem because I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't have thought so many women were even self-conscious about their cheeks!"

    @t0nit0ne Haha! Someone just mentioned my cheeks yesterday! I had never really thought about it, but God bless 'e…

    She added: "It makes me so happy that women of different ages and backgrounds have come together to embrace their fuller faces, because there really is beauty everywhere!"

    @t0nit0ne #ChubbyCheekGang I hope u are right about this.