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    This Teen Looks Like Cara Delevingne's Dad And People Are Quite Scared

    Despite the resemblance, Seth Hamby told BuzzFeed News he's pretty sure there's no relation.

    This is 16-year-old Seth Hamby, from Bettendorf, Iowa.

    And this is a throwback picture of Cara Delevingne's father, Charles Hamar Delevingne, that she posted on Instagram one month ago, with the words "My dad being all young and cute ❤️️".

    Hang on a second...

    Seth told BuzzFeed News: "A few friends came up to me and showed me this picture of Cara Delevingne's dad, and I was like, 'WTF, where did you get that picture of me?', then I realised it wasn't me."

    He shared his doppelgänger on Twitter and his tweet went viral, gaining over 67,000 likes and 34,000 retweets. He said he was amazed by the amount of attention his tweet received. "I don't know how to feel about it or what to do. It's just crazy and such a coincidence," the teenager said.

    Who would've guessed I'm @Caradelevingne 's dad

    People were really struck by the similarities between the two of them.

    But others were quite scared.

    People pretty much think that Seth could be a time traveller.

    @SethDuaneHamby @Caradelevingne HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!!! Are you a time traveler?!

    But he told BuzzFeed News that he is "almost sure" he is not related to the Delevingne family. "If I am, it would probably be distant and I wouldn't know about it."

    He also said that his parents were pretty shocked by the resemblance. "It's a crazy coincidence and I'm glad I found out about it," he said.

    Maybe it's actually just a glimpse into Seth's future.

    @SethDuaneHamby @Caradelevingne a glimpse into your future