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People Are Defending This Teen Because She Was Dragged For Looking Different Without Makeup

"As a child, I used to get bullied about my looks but now so many people come to my defense and I’m able to defend myself so much better," Victoria Katei told BuzzFeed News.

Meet Victoria Katei, a 19-year-old student. She's currently an undergraduate double majoring in psychology and biology in Dallas, and she's incredibly good at makeup.

Last Tuesday, Katei shared a powerful Instagram post talking about how she feels cute and confident with and without makeup.

She told BuzzFeed News that her post was with met with lovely responses from people saying that they appreciated her message.


Lots of people called Katei an inspiration.


However, Katei said that she had received some horrible comments under her picture, which led to photos of her being reposted in a negative light.


This negativity moved to Twitter, where Katei's pictures were used to demonstrate why some men are "turned away from makeup".


Katei replied with a flawless clapback, thanking the Twitter user for her new growth in followers. Her tweet received over 106,000 likes.

"I wasn’t too surprised to see it on Twitter, which is why I quoted it and replied calmly," Katei said. "The difference in lighting is what makes the difference look so drastic. One picture was midday in the natural light and the other was at night with the harsh yellow light of a lamp. If they would just take the time to look at my other pictures they would obviously see that."

Asked about the haters, she said: "It is so common to see a woman bringing down another woman to make her feel better or to make those around her feel better when that’s not what needs to be happening at all."

She added: "On the outside, it might seem like a harmless tweet but when it reaches the plethora of people that my tweet reached, all of those negative comments could really have a negative effect on somebody."

Many people on Twitter defended Katei.

Some pointed out that this isn't the first time that strangers' pictures have been used in this way.

Earlier this year, a gay man clapped back at a stranger who used his pictures in a cruel tweet and a similar thing happened to a plus-size model when a random man used her pictures in this way.

Katei said: "I have received a plethora of DMs on my Twitter from women who have also gone through the same thing, and it’s so sad to see how hateful and how derogatory other women can be. We should be sticking together instead of bringing each other down."

"Seeing all the women and men who were defending me warmed my heart," Katei said. "As a child, I used to get bullied about my looks but now so many people come to my defense and I’m able to defend myself so much better."

She added: "To the people who think I’m trying to be lightskin they couldn't be any more wrong. I love my skin tone and I embrace who I am fully. There is no question that I am a brown-skinned black woman."

Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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