Here's What People On Twitter Are Saying About Uber Losing Its Licence In London

    "No one can afford black cabs."

    So earlier today Transport for London announced it will not be renewing Uber's private hire operator licence in London and people obviously had a lot of feelings about it.

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    Some people made jokes about how Uber's competitors, such as Addison Lee, will be celebrating the news.

    The Addison Lee office after hearing about Uber

    And how black-cab drivers, who have protested against Uber on a number of occasions, will be reacting.

    But the thing is, Uber – which has, it claims, around 3.5 million users in London – is a reeeeeally convenient and affordable service, so some customers can't imagine how they'd survive without it.

    Cannot imagine a life without Uber....😱😱

    Some people also pointed out that Uber was a great alternative for people who get anxious on public transport.

    Uber was also good for people with anxiety around public transport. This is so shit.

    Uber says it employs 40,000 drivers in London, and some people are worried about how this will affect their livelihoods.

    40,000 unemployed overnight! No one can afford #blackcabs. Is #TFL going to make the tube better, streets safer? #Uber

    Uber has other significance too: Some people of colour claimed they rely on Uber because they have "experienced very racist incidents in black cabs".

    And then there are those who are glad Uber's licence won't be renewed because of the sexual harrassment complaints made against the company and praised TfL for its decision.

    There were multiple reports of sexual abuse associated with Uber. TfL made a good choice today.

    Way too many stories where #Uber drivers have tried to kidnap female passengers in their cars at night.

    Some people proposed a third way.

    RADICAL THOUGHT: A low-cost, non-racist, women-friendly and safe taxi service CAN exist without adopting Uber's shitty corporate practices

    But, yeah, some people felt so strongly about keeping Uber in their lives, they said they were willing to protest against the decision.

    Where/when is the London Uber protest going to be? #UberProtest #uber

    While some described the decision as a "move backwards".

    The world moves forward we move backwards. How is the night tube or the random cabs safer tho? #Uber

    Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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