Beyoncé Gave This Woman's Afro A Thumbs-Up During Her Concert

    This is what happens when you're in formation.

    Meet Ribicca Mamuye, a 22-year-old retail analyst known in the blogosphere for her Abyssinia blog. On the right is her friend, Hamdi Mohamed, a 26-year-old political organiser. They're both based in Seattle, Washington.

    They went to see Beyoncé live at CenturyLink Field in Seattle on 18 May.

    Mohamed told BuzzFeed News, "[It was the] best concert of my life.”

    And this might be why: Mamuye and Mohamed caught Beyoncé's attention while she was performing to thousands of people.

    Mamuye's boyfriend was there to capture footage of what happened next.

    "I was singing and doing the dance moves to 'Daddy Lessons' and that's when she swung her head and sang and pointed right at me," Mohamed said.

    After it happened, she said: "I just wanted to join her on the stage."

    And the acknowledgment didn't stop there. Queen B even gave a little thumbs-up to Mamuye's Afro. 🙌

    She said this endorsement was "important" because "as young women of colour, the work Beyoncé has done is really inspiring".

    Before the show, Mohamed said she told Mamuye: "Girl, you gotta pull your hair out, Beyoncé about to notice us."

    Mamuye was reluctant to let her hair down and received complaints that her Afro was in the way of other people's filming.

    "My hair is big, so I tied up my hair to stop bothering the people behind me," she added.

    Although Mohamed wasn't having it: "I literally took the hair tie out of her hair. I said, 'Your hair is beautiful, let it out.'"

    Mamuye said: "It's one thing to be that close to Beyoncé and for her to take two seconds [to] compliment you... It's so surreal."

    The video has more than 4,000 likes on Instagram, and it's even been shared on a Beyoncé fan site on Twitter.

    "Although the guys around us were pissed that we had our Afros out, The Queen walked over & gave us her approval👍"

    "I got more than ... my money's worth," Mamuye said.

    "She acknowledged I was in formation — that's all that mattered."


    The Beyoncé concert took place on 18 May. An earlier version of this post said it took place later in the month.