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People Are Defending A Teen By Comparing Themselves To Cheesecake On Twitter

The sweetest revenge.

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Here's a picture of 18-year-old Kerione on the day she absolutely SLAYED at her high school prom. 😍

Twitter: CKerione / Via Twitter: @CKerione

The American teenager got a ton of compliments on Twitter.

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Which she rightly deserved.

But then this guy decided to make fun of her dress by comparing her to a cheesecake.

Twitter: ovokt / Via Twitter: @ovokt

Kenna Sharp, 16, from Kansas, wasn't having any of it. She told BuzzFeed News she felt "compelled" to defend Kerione.

Twitter: KENNABBBY / Via Twitter: @KENNABBBY

Despite the fact Sharp doesn't know Kerione, she encouraged her 41,000 followers to find their own cheesecake doppelgänger.

She told BuzzFeed News: "When other people are being attacked I find it so much more upsetting than when it's me.

"It used to feel like a nightmare when I first started getting harassed [online]."

She said #CompareYourselfToACheesecake2016 created an "army of people that are all about support... and positivity".

Sharp added: "It's so amazing how many people joined in!"

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"I definitely didn't think it would catch on like this," she said.

Prince would be proud.💜
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Prince would be proud.💜

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"I’m so glad people can be so supportive and help fight against bullies in a positive manner," Sharp said.

Twitter: Wellspokentoken / Via Twitter: @Wellspokentoken

Some men got involved too.

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ILLCapitano94 / Via Twitter: @ILLCapitano94

"This girl was so beautiful," Sharp said. "I still don't know who she is, but she deserves to be able to wear her gorgeous-ass dress with her gorgeous-ass self without someone making fun of her."

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Kerione told BuzzFeed News the support made her feel “special and important” and was clearly delighted by the end result.