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Ladies, These Men Are Pissed We Steal Their Hoodies So They’re Fighting Back

It's winter warfare.

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Muofhe said he has had enough of women who take men's hoodies and don't return them, so last night he decided to start a movement called #TakeHerHoodie. He is encouraging men to get even by taking their girlfriends' hoodies.

Muofhe told BuzzFeed News that when he saw women tweeting that it's "hoodie season", it brought back some painful memories "because typically the girlfriend will take the man's hoodie in the relationship when they're cold and this reminded me of when a girl took my hoodie and never gave it back, so I said, 'It's time to fight back.'"

In the photos he posted, Muofhe is wearing hoodies he took from his mum, sister, and significant other.


But some women were not here for it.

y'all better not

Muofhe said this isn't the first time he has gone viral: He said he created the "Let your man-go" meme but was not credited for it. "I get mad when people take my creativity and [don't] credit me, but it's cool – my followers know it's me ... Twitter is like a notepad for me," he said.

Muofe said he hopes to continue doing comedic things online and will launch a YouTube channel soon.

Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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