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Selena Gomez Got Herself Tied Up In The Kim Vs. Taylor Beef And Got Dragged Ridiculously


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Basically her comments sent Twitter into meltdown.

you believe supporting the #blacklivesmatter you would be taking a side? @selenagomez

Yup, people dragged her left, right, and centre:

U never speak up on Latina issues and you're some of the only representation we have, stop embarrassing us.


Celebrities: let's talk about real problems Me: okay then. Can u please comment on police bru- Same celebrities:

Guess Selena's publicist has their work cut out.

publicist: what's wrong selena??? Selena: all i said was i don't care about the black side and hashtags publicist:

Some have taken this time to be shady as hell.

Selena act like she actually uses her voice when all she do is whisper into a turned off microphone.


Although some people are defending her.

@selenagomez This was the issue she spoke up about and ya'll dragged her for this.. #GoToSleepSelena

So y'all just forget about @selenagomez activism and charity work because she has an opinion?! 🤔 #GoToSleepSelena

So much is happening right now. #SelenaGomezIsOverParty is trending.

Switching between parties like #KimExposedTaylorParty #selenagomezisoverparty