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Selena Gomez Got Herself Tied Up In The Kim Vs. Taylor Beef And Got Dragged Ridiculously


Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift got into one of the shadiest online battles of 2016 this weekend. And somehow Selena Gomez got herself tied up in it.

Selena wrote a series of tweets venting about how celebrities don't use their influence appropriately. "Why can't people use their voice for something that fucking matters?" she asked.

It seems people have several questions for Selena, for example, why she hasn't been vocal about the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

In a now-deleted tweet, Selena said, "I could give two fucks about 'sides'. You don't know what I do."

Many others wondered why Selena hasn't used her voice in the same way she's asked others to.

Basically her comments sent Twitter into meltdown.

you believe supporting the #blacklivesmatter you would be taking a side? @selenagomez

Yup, people dragged her left, right, and centre:

U never speak up on Latina issues and you're some of the only representation we have, stop embarrassing us. https://t.co/E0toLLM2CW

Celebrities: let's talk about real problems Me: okay then. Can u please comment on police bru- Same celebrities:

Guess Selena's publicist has their work cut out.

publicist: what's wrong selena??? Selena: all i said was i don't care about the black side and hashtags publicist:

Some have taken this time to be shady as hell.

Selena act like she actually uses her voice when all she do is whisper into a turned off microphone.

Although some people are defending her.

@selenagomez This was the issue she spoke up about and ya'll dragged her for this.. #GoToSleepSelena

So y'all just forget about @selenagomez activism and charity work because she has an opinion?! 🤔 #GoToSleepSelena

So much is happening right now. #SelenaGomezIsOverParty is trending.

Switching between parties like #KimExposedTaylorParty #selenagomezisoverparty

That's enough tea for one day. ☕️