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    People Are Convinced Beyoncé Is A Teen In This Picture

    "She must be sippin on that fountain of youth."

    After celebrating her 35th birthday a few days ago, Beyoncé shared some fiery post-birthday selfies and she looks BEAUTIFUL. 😍. Sweet Jesus.

    beyoncé / Via

    Her selfies sent the internet into overdrive. People are losing their shit over how young Beyoncé looks.

    LatonyaGregori / Via Twitter: @LatonyaGregori

    Some are pretty convinced that Queen B is a teen.

    Nxriia / Via Twitter: @Nxriia

    The audacity.

    tonyisfuture / Via Twitter: @tonyisfuture
    willowbape / Via Twitter: @willowbape

    This person had a perfectly good explanation for it.

    treatyosefl / Via Twitter: @treatyosefl

    And they're not the only ones who think it.

    jzzybby / Via Twitter: @jzzybby

    Seems legit, TBH.

    HXRLEEN / Via Twitter: @HXRLEEN

    Here's another theory:

    bombblackgirlss / Via Twitter: @bombblackgirlss
    SAMMYSALSA84 / Via Twitter: @SAMMYSALSA84

    Black don't crack, y'all.

    fatvmah / Via Twitter: @fatvmah

    Please tell us your secrets, Queen B.

    giphy / Via