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    This Woman Brutally Talked Her Friend Out Of Buying These Popular Instagram Shoes And It’s Hilarious

    "We going to the club but you want to look science lab ready?"

    This is 24-year-old Jessica Moore from Baltimore, Maryland. She is a comedian and also a very good friend.

    Jessica Moore

    She took her friend Nicole Brown shoe shopping for her birthday – because that's what good friends do – but she wasn't going to allow her to buy just any shoes.

    jesshilariousofficial / Via

    The shoes Brown wanted are called perspex boots and they are mega-popular on Instagram.

    Moore uploaded an Instagram video in which she gave Brown her true opinions on the shoes. She described them as "fishbowl shoes".

    jesshilariousofficial / Via

    She asked Brown if she really wanted to leave the house with shoes that look like a "trash bag with a shot glass on the back".

    jesshilariousofficial / Via

    Since posting her video on her Instagram page, it's gone hugely viral online. On the Black Hood Videos Facebook page, the video has received over 7 million views.

    Facebook: Stylesbymir

    Moore told BuzzFeed News: "Everyone loves those shoes for some particular stupid reason... They're freaking ugly and no one wants to say that."

    She added: "I've noticed over the last 24 hours that the video has gone viral." She said it feels "great". Normally her Instagram videos tend to get around 30,000 views.

    "I've always been naturally humorous," she said. "My mom and dad said I [was] when I was younger and I'd make people laugh, but I'd be dead serious."

    Unsurprisingly, Brown did not get the shoes in the end.

    Jessica Moore