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Rihanna Just Tweeted The British Government To Ask For Some Education Money And People Love It


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Singer, makeup mogul, and general badass Rihanna joined the Global Partnership for Education as its first-ever ambassador in September 2016.

Global Ambassador for Education @rihanna working with students in Malawi to further the #CLF mission.

She takes the role pretty seriously and for a while now she has regularly called on world leaders to ask them what their plans are to help fund education in the parts of the world that need it most.

🇨🇦 @JustinTrudeau I know you had our backs during the #GlobalCitizen Festival, will you recommit Canada to #FundEducation?

She's called on leaders from Australia...

hi @JulieBishopMP & @TurnbullMalcolm will you step up w/ a 🇦🇺 $200M pledge to #FundEducation at the @GPforEducation…


Germany, I'm checking in to see where we are on the commitment to #FundEducation w/ @GPforEducation? @regsprecher, I'm depending on you!😊 🇩🇪

...and now the UK. In a tweet, Rihanna asked prime minister Theresa May and development secretary Penny Mordaunt if the Department for International Development would donate £380 million to help prioritise education for girls.

🇬🇧 Hello @theresa_may and @PennyMordaunt, please continue to prioritize girls’ education and be a top funder of…

People are seriously loving Rihanna's foray into British politics:

Some people were a bit cheeky:



Unsurprisingly, the Department for International Development will not be donating the sum Rihanna asked for – even if she is Rihanna. However, Mordaunt will announce the UK is increasing its contribution to the Global Partnership for Education from £50 million a year to £75 million.

In a statement, Mordaunt said: “All children deserve a decent education to make the most of their talents and to help lift themselves and their countries out of poverty – building a more prosperous and more stable future for us all.”

Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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