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    Posted on Jun 7, 2016

    People Are Pissed Off That L'Oréal's New Foundation Doesn't Have More Shades For Darker Tones

    L’Oréal told BuzzFeed: "We are aware of recent feedback and are incorporating it into our development plans.”

    Last week, L'Oréal introduced its new foundation, Infallible Pro-Glow, which has 12 shades.

    Ever since a swatch of the new range was posted on the trendmood1 Instagram account three days ago, people have expressed their disappointment with the range, since it doesn't appear to stock shades for darker skin tones.

    MakeupForWOC / Via Twitter: @MakeupForWOC

    @spxncxrx @Loreal Yeah. The darkest color would be my highlight, not my foundation.

    @NikkieTutorials what about the women of colors!

    Popular YouTuber NikkieTutorials was vocal about L’Oréal's limited shade range too.

    Literally 500 shades of beige, 3 tan and ONLY one deep color…

    People have suggested that some of the shades are pretty much the same. 🤔

    I can't tell a difference between 204, 205, 208 and 207, 209

    And of course, some people have been mocking the brand.

    Let's talk about this. @LOrealParisUSA

    The company has responded to the criticism on social media.

    @taylorohlheiser Thank you for your feedback! We have new shades coming soon but stay tuned for mixing solutions ASAP!

    A spokesperson for the company told BuzzFeed: "While L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Foundation is not currently sold in the UK, it is currently offered in the US in a range of 12 shades. We are always looking at our innovation pipeline to develop products that meet the diverse needs and expectations of our valued consumers. We are aware of recent feedback and are incorporating it into our development plans."

    This isn't the first time makeup brands have offered a limited range of foundation shades.

    Rimmel has been called out for not catering to darker tones too.

    rimmellondon / Via

    However, it is surprising, since L'Oréal has offered shades for darker skin tones in the past with a foundation called Infallible Pro-Matte.

    lorealparisusa / Via

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