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People Are Seriously Thrilled That Kem And Amber Won "Love Island"

When Kem won £50,000, someone in the audience shouted ‘Share it with Chris.‘

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After seven weeks of Love Island, the winners are Kem and Amber.

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The two have had ups and downs but have remained one of the islands strongest couples and Kem has admitted that he has found his future wife. Awwwww.

They were the couple everyone was rooting for:

Me if kem & amber don't win #LoveIslandfinal

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An audience member told Kem to share the prize money with Chris but he decided to share it with his girlfriend. So they both get £25,000 each.

Share with Chris!!!! I’m dead!!! Whoever said that is a legend! It’s what we are all thinking! #LoveIslandFinal

People are pretty delighted they won.

so so happy kem and amber won!!❤️ #loveisland

Honestly felt so emotional tonight! I'm so happy Kem&Amber won, they truly deserved it and were my favs from the beginning 🖤 #loveisland

But are also bummed the show is over, because what else is there to watch?

Get in there! So happy Kem & Amber won, great couple, they have grown from strength to strength #loveisland. Sad now, what will I watch?☹️

When you realise Love Island has been on for seven weeks and you don't know what you're going to do at 9 o'clock no…

All of the United Kingdom now that #LoveIsland is over 😳😂