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A Bunch Of People Are Defending A Cancer Patient Who Received Hate Online

Yes, she is bald and beautiful.

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This is Sarah Manzanares, a 17-year-old from Aurora, Colorado. Manzanares told BuzzFeed News she has been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer.

She said: "I have a tumor that pushes on the right side of my heart, sits in between my heart valves, and on my trachea."
Provided by Sarah Manzanares

She said: "I have a tumor that pushes on the right side of my heart, sits in between my heart valves, and on my trachea."

Manzanares is pretty talented at makeup and has posted beautiful selfies of herself on Twitter, which gained more than 170,000 likes because she looks terrific.

Of course, many others agreed.

Manzanares said she felt "SO FREAKING happy" when her selfies went viral. She hopes they will help little girls "who are just as sad as I was and can look at my picture and maybe get a different perspective of cancer".

But because people are trash, Manzanares received some horrible messages and one in particular made people really angry. Manzanares said she felt "hurt" by the comment.

People quickly jumped to defend Manzanares after seeing the horrible remark. She said she is appreciative of the "thousands of good tweets I get from all these kind and loving people".

I will never understand why some of y'all feel the need to say unnecessary things for shock value or to be labeled…

"One of the worst things I have seen on this site", one of her supporters tweeted.

this is honestly one of the worst things i have seen on this site, you must be a really insecure person to be makin…

"She didn't even ask for your opinion," another said.

Manzanares said she is really touched that other cancer patients and survivors have been reaching out too.

"Stay strong and keep slaying," a cancer survivor told Manzanares.

Manzanares said she was so grateful for their love and support that she feels she "owes them something". "I decided when I raise enough money, I'm going to start a makeup channel for cancer patients on YouTube, and that's how I'll repay them," she added.

She said the channel will include "tips and tricks from chemo nausea to [coping with] depression".

Manzanares really wants her experience to help raise awareness so people think twice about posting hurtful comments.

"Cancer doesn't end your story, it only starts it, but you get to finish it," she said. Keep slaying, Manzanares. ❤️