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24 Things That Happen At Every Nigerian Party

Good luck getting a seat.

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1. Men show up in the baddest agbada. 😍

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2. Which will get constantly adjusted once the party really gets going.

3. The celebrant will pick the ankara and everyone will slay it so differently! 💅🏾

Twitter: Tebian_x / Via Twitter: @Tebian_x

4. Everyone enters the function like:

5. There’s always one aunty you know is throwing shade at you, but you still have to kneel down and greet them.

6. Nigerian parties are notoriously known to start late, but if you arrive later than usual, you must accept that you're standing up for the whole evening.

This is why I hate being late for nigerian parties.. You can never find a decent seat kmt -_-

7. Although sometimes you can improvise.

This seat anywhere. I'm sitting on the stairs like..LOOOOOL' typical Nigerian partyy. XD

8. The food is always on another level.

9. Because there's always jellof rice 👅...

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10. ...And puff puff 😍.

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11. If you're young, you're always the one forced to serve the food. :(

We just came to have a good time.
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We just came to have a good time.

12. But the great thing is, you get to take lots of food home. 🙌🏿

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13. And there's always something to wash it down with.

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14. But seriously, you’ve hit the jackpot if you manage to leave with this:

15. Because it's always HOT AF, you'll catch people fanning themselves with a paper plate.

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16. There's always that one uncle who gets too turnt.

Watch this again, but everyone's reactions.

17. Regardless of the occasion, baby shower or wedding, it’s going to rain with money. 😈

18. Which the small children are made to collect by their parents.

19. When the night is coming to an end you get gifted a sensational adult party bag.

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20. Which will be full of household necessities.

i did my uni shopping at nigerian hall parties

21. Because receiving cookware is a very normal thing at a Nigerian party.

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22. Nothing's more annoying than when someone forces you to dance 😩.

23. Unless you're asked to pack the chairs and tables away.

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24. But ultimately, you'll leave feel satisfied because Nigerian parties are the definition of lit 🔥.

The transition between these two bangers yhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😭🔥