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Daily Mail Australia Keeps Using A Picture Of A London Rap Group In Articles About Violent Gangs

It appears Daily Mail Australia has since deleted the photo of Section Boyz, who originally posted the group shot on their own social media accounts.

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This is a British rap group who go by the name Section Boyz. They're best known for their hit song "Lock Arff" and for winning the best newcomer award at the MOBOs in 2016.

Jo Hale / Getty Images

Left to right: Little, Inch, Sleeks, K Nine, Swift, and Deepee of Section Boyz.

The rap band performed onstage on Monday night as special guests for Drake in London.

Drake brought out Giggs & Section Boyz in London. Respect Drake for things like this! Respect his love of London and the 🇬🇧 scene!

They probably didn't expect to appear on Daily Mail Australia's website – with their faces blurred out – to illustrate an article about an alleged youth crime epidemic in Melbourne.

Daily Mail Australia took a picture of Section Boyz, blurred it and tried to make them look like some gang loool


Here's the original picture, posted on Twitter by the group themselves on 25 October 2016.

They later tweeted to say they weren't happy about the way their picture was used and told the Mail to "fix up".

@DailyMailAU we are not happy with the way you have used our popular picture to slander another group that has nothing to do with us. FIX UP

It isn't the first time Daily Mail Australia has used that picture of Section Boyz. It appears in another article published on 16 November 2016 and seen by BuzzFeed News.

A screenshot of the article, taken by BuzzFeed News. The piece states that the picture is a "stock image".


People didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I'm still hollering. @DailyMailAU please apologise to @SectionBoyz_

Daniel Puddicombe, a 24-year-old from London who works in sales and marketing, was one of the first to tweet about the Mail's use of the picture. He told BuzzFeed News: "I think it’s disgusting from them and it is lazy."

Daily Mail Australia took a picture of Section Boyz, blurred it and tried to make them look like some gang loool


"It shows that they are not here for informing the people or educating society on what’s happening when they write articles like that," he said. "That’s not their priority – their priority is to push certain narratives about people that look and/or dress a certain way."

Puddicombe's tweet gained over 3,100 likes and 2,700 retweets. "The reaction to the tweet was a bit surprising," he said, adding that he didn't do it for attention. "I just genuinely wanted to show my timeline what I had stumbled across."

A timestamp shows that the most recent article was updated, without any information explaining why.

A screenshot of a tweet that includes a thumbnail picture of the article was shared on Twitter.

Here is a screen shot of a tweet with @SectionBoyz_ press shot. @DailyMailAU u might have a law suit on your hands…


That probably explains why comments below the tweet still refer to the use of the Section Boyz picture:

@Cafe_Vape / Twitter

BuzzFeed News has contacted various people at the Daily Mail for comment. We have also attempted to contact Section Boyz.

Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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