Many Outlets Are Reporting That Ariana Grande Will Pay For The Manchester Victims' Funerals

    The story appears to have started from an unverified Ariana Grande fan Twitter account. BuzzFeed News has contacted the singer's team.

    Many news outlets have been reporting that singer Ariana Grande has reached out to the families of the victims of the Manchester attack and offered to pay for their funerals.

    Most of these reports say their source is the singer's fan Twitter account, which has around 3,000 followers.

    The tweet has over 86,000 likes and 36,000 retweets.

    News on Ariana: Ariana has reached out to the families who's loves ones died last night....she is gonna pay for the…

    The unverified account also claimed that Ariana might take a break from singing.

    @jack_1_10 tbh i know last night was so bad...but i dont think ariana will quit music...she may take a break tho

    A verified fan account called TeamAriana has not made or retweeted any of the claims posted by Ariana Updates!.

    @TeamAriana has 131,000 followers, including Ariana Grande herself.

    The star and her team have not made any comments since the Manchester attack beyond this message she shared on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

    broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don't have words.

    The 23-year-old singer is set to perform at the O2 in London on Thursday, but the venue has not confirmed whether the event will happen or not.

    Even though there has been no confirmation, people believe the claim that Ariana will pay for the victims' funerals.

    Ariana Grande has offered to cover the funeral costs for the 22 people who sadly died because of the Manchester attack, huge respect Ariana

    So Ariana Grande offered to pay for the funeral of the deceased kids :/ It's sad that she has to feel guilty, when it's not her fault

    Ariana Grande is a loving person she's paying for her supporters funeral.. God bless her she has such a good heart

    BuzzFeed News has contact to Ariana Grande's team for comment. We've also reached out to Twitter account @ArianaDailyWW.