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The Most Patient And Polite Man On The Internet Is Back At It Again

He is just so nice.

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For years now, people on Twitter have confused a man from Virginia called John Lewis with the British department store John Lewis.

Every year, John Lewis (the store), does an incredible heartwarming Christmas advert that makes all of Britain seriously emotional, and every year people struggle to tell them apart.

Here's this year's. People are a bit more divided this time around. But it does feature a dog on a trampoline, so, you know.

Here it is, our 2016 Christmas ad. Introducing #BusterTheBoxer >

Now, 2016 might have been a burning trashpile of a year...

...but one good thing is happening: Mr Lewis is still taking this confusion on the chin pretty well and interacting with people on Twitter.

I want to thank everyone for the hundreds of tweets warning me that I was about to get hundreds of tweets. They're here. @johnlewisretail

It doesn't matter how many times he directs people to the department store's Twitter account, they still get confused.

He is just really nice about it all.

And funny.

Such a nice man.

Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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