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    Here's How Nigerians Reacted To David Cameron Calling Their Country "Fantastically Corrupt"

    TL:DR – mostly jokes.

    Earlier today David Cameron was overheard telling the Queen that Nigeria and Afghanistan are "fantastically corrupt".

    David Cameron overheard calling Nigeria and Afghanistan 'fantastically corrupt countries'

    So how has that gone down?

    Well, of course there are people taking the piss...

    Chai, but at least we're fantastic at something 😂

    He actually said it like a true Naija himself "fantastically corrupt countries" 😂

    ...and lapping up the drama...

    *pours another glass of warm orijin*

    ...and there are those who agree with him.

    "@Sisi__NeNe: Why are people mad that Cameron said Nigeria is corrupt? L is he lying ?" some people don't like to accept Nigeria is corrupt

    Pretty accurate.... Lol

    - Nigeria is worse than fantastically corrupt. We are excellently corrupt. We know this, but we pretend to be angry when we're told.

    But others are angry with the prime minister.

    Well we wernt 'fantastically corrupt' when you decided to come to festival of life were we @David_Cameron 🤔🙄

    This is the same man that said black boys are fatherless 👏🏾 white collar crime is still corruption ode

    such glee in his voice. I’m not trying to dispute the claim just maybe tone it down if you are ON CAMERA. You smug fool.

    "Stupid idiot."

    Finally, some are bringing the remarks to the attention of Nigeria's President Buhari, who is currently on his way to London... to attend an anti-corruption summit.

    Cc @NGRPresident BABA warn this man O..

    @NGRPresident come and see your friend David being the snake that he was born to be. xx

    PM Cameron making such insensitive remark is enough reason for Pres Buhari to back out of the London conference. that's going to be fun!

    *grabs popcorn and charges phone*

    Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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