This Girl Got Her Boyfriend's Face On A Blanket Because That's What Love Is All About

    Headass love is the best type of love.

    Meet 17-year-old Alyson Alfaro and her 18-year-old boyfriend of almost six months, Exavier. The love birds come from California but sadly live three hours away from each other and hardly get to see one another.

    Alfaro told BuzzFeed News that because of the distance between her and her boyfriend, she misses him a lot. She told him she was cold and wished he could keep her warm, so he came up with a genius idea of giving her with a blanket with his own face on it. As you can see from the picture below, Alfaro absolutely loves and cherishes it.

    When she tweeted about her spectacular blanket, it went pretty viral on Twitter and gained over 130,380 retweets and 49,940 likes. She said "It's a little weird, I didn't expect it to get any attention at all... Maybe ten likes at most".

    But mostly she is happy that "a tweet about me loving and being obsessed with my boyfriend is what's getting attention."

    And obviously people are obsessed with the blanket idea. If you want one, you can make them on

    This guy wants Alfaro to know that this isn't a form of headassary at all, but genuine, true love.

    Some are dumbfounded as they can't even get their name on their girl's Twitter bio. It's hard out here.

    Now couples are tweeting each other about getting the blanket. SO CUTE. ❤️

    And some people are already on the blanket hype.

    Shout out to this girl and her blanket of Adam Levine from Maroon 5.