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A Goat That Suffers From Anxiety Is Only Calm When She Is In Her Duck Costume

Polly has the cutest coat of all time.

Meet Polly, a 6-month-old baby goat who suffers from separation anxiety and neurological issues and is partially blind. Luckily, she was taken in and given lots of love and care by a goat rescue, Goats of Anarchy. Founder of the rescue centre Leanne Lauricella told BuzzFeed News Polly is only calm when she is in her duck costume.

And of course, people are in love with Polly and her fantastic outfit.

And it's brought people so much joy. <3

Lauricella said if Polly can't find her or if there are too many people in the house, she gets anxious. "As soon as I put the costume on her, she [will] fall asleep. Later, I tried it again and she relaxed and fell asleep again," she said. "I realised that it had some kind of calming effect on her. ... I'm thinking it feels like a big hug." Lauricella added that Polly "LOVES to be held and cuddled".

Lauricella said much of Polly's "strange behaviour has been attributed to neurological problems, but we will be visiting a neurologist in the next couple of weeks for more answers".

It's best for Polly to wear "diapers in the house, and baby onesies to hold the diapers on, so she is used to being clothed", Lauricella said, so the warm duck costume is perfect.

"Polly always loved to be swaddled in a blanket so this was similar," Lauricella said. "I tried a dog's Thundershirt but the result was not the same."

She says despite Polly being partially blind she is a trooper: "Polly doesn't run into walls. She knows her way around the house very well."

"Because Polly is in the house and held all of the time, she doesn't mind being dressed up," Lauricella said.

Polly = Diva 🐐🌟

To find out more about Polly and other goats at Goats of Anarchy, you can read more here.