This Pastor Preaching The Word Of God Has Become An Incredible Meme

    Shout-out to Shirley Caesar for the gifts we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.

    A sermon from Grammy award–winning gospel singer and pastor Shirley Caesar has suddenly become a viral meme even though it was posted on YouTube six years ago.

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    Starts at 5:40

    The part of Pastor Caesar's gospel that struck a massive chord with the internet is when she sings, "I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes — you name it!"

    Me: Can we stop to get something to eat? My mom: No. We got food at the house. Me: What's at the house? My mom:

    For some reason, people really can't handle this clip and now it's even been remixed into a trap banger.

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    People are using the meme to call out fuck boys...

    Boy: why can't we talk? Me: you be sneaking, creeping, cheating, stealing, lying, playing, faking YOU NAAAAAME IT! 😂

    ...their school life...

    family: How's school going? me: I got papers, quizzes, tests, stress, debt UNAMEEEE ITTT

    ...and their feelings.

    Even weave companies are using the meme as a marketing tool:

    Customers: "what textures do you have" Me: "I got Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, UNAMEIT "😭

    Basically, people are really, really digging this meme.

    "I got beans, creams, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ham.."

    One could say it's a pretty inclusive meme:

    I got asparagus, squash, kale, stale, tofu, quail, pigeon, air, youuuuu betcha

    Eventually, the meme reached celebrities like Chris Brown.

    And rapper Ace Hood did an epic rap over the track.

    Now "#UNameItChallenge" is a thing and people are dancing to the remix of Shirley Caesar's "Hold My Mule" made by remixgodsuede.

    And it's perfectly understandable because it's such a bop.

    "I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes..."

    People just couldn't resist including Joe Biden in this one.

    But, honestly, thank you Shirley Caesar for giving us one of the greatest memes of the year.