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This Pastor Preaching The Word Of God Has Become An Incredible Meme

Shout-out to Shirley Caesar for the gifts we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.

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A sermon from Grammy award–winning gospel singer and pastor Shirley Caesar has suddenly become a viral meme even though it was posted on YouTube six years ago.

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Starts at 5:40

The part of Pastor Caesar's gospel that struck a massive chord with the internet is when she sings, "I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes — you name it!"

Me: Can we stop to get something to eat? My mom: No. We got food at the house. Me: What's at the house? My mom:

For some reason, people really can't handle this clip and now it's even been remixed into a trap banger.

Facebook: video.php

People are using the meme to call out fuck boys...

Boy: why can't we talk? Me: you be sneaking, creeping, cheating, stealing, lying, playing, faking YOU NAAAAAME IT! 😂

...their school life...

family: How's school going? me: I got papers, quizzes, tests, stress, debt UNAMEEEE ITTT

...and their feelings.

Even weave companies are using the meme as a marketing tool:

Customers: "what textures do you have" Me: "I got Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, UNAMEIT "😭

Basically, people are really, really digging this meme.

"I got beans, creams, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ham.."

One could say it's a pretty inclusive meme:

I got asparagus, squash, kale, stale, tofu, quail, pigeon, air, youuuuu betcha

Eventually, the meme reached celebrities like Chris Brown.

Instagram: @chrisbrownofficial

And rapper Ace Hood did an epic rap over the track.

Instagram: @acehood

Now "#UNameItChallenge" is a thing and people are dancing to the remix of Shirley Caesar's "Hold My Mule" made by remixgodsuede.

And it's perfectly understandable because it's such a bop.

"I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes..."

People just couldn't resist including Joe Biden in this one.

Instagram: @serous_gs153

But, honestly, thank you Shirley Caesar for giving us one of the greatest memes of the year.

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