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    Drake Becomes A Meme Yet Again Thanks To His New "Saturday Night Live" Trailer

    Damn Drake, back at it again...

    The trailer for Drake's Saturday Night Live dropped on Wednesday. And it looks funny AF.

    πŸ”Œ Drake will host SNL this week!

    At one point Leslie Jones forces Drake to sit on her lap. Her face is basically every fan. Ever.

    SNL / Via

    And inevitably, this became a meme.

    When you're back from Uni and your mom wants to introduce you to everyone after church service

    This makes the second Drake meme of the year. The first one came after he released the album cover for Views.

    I'm dying at all the memes I'm finding of the #Views cover art, especially this one. Thank you, Drake πŸ˜‚ @Drake

    Look at the pain in his eyes.

    @Drake be looking like a 6 year old right there. Sitting on Granny @Lesdoggg lap

    People are even comparing it to Rihanna's "Work" video. 😭

    When you've been the primary breadwinner for years then she gets a promotion and a pay rise

    How I want him to feel about me & how he actually feels about me

    Some say Drake looks like he belongs on Albert Square.

    mamamanvz / Via Twitter: @mamamanvz

    When you pay vs when she pays

    Some are using it to vent their frustration.

    When they ask you to play the same song 4 bloody times in a night #djlife

    Basically, this meme is funny as hell. It's almost like Drake does it deliberately...

    Hustle_Scholar / Via Twitter: @Hustle_Scholar

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